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How to Make Money from Your Side Hustles During Quarantine

Many people may be
looking for a coronavirus side hustle at this time when money
is tight
. Many people have suffered salary cuts or have lost jobs, and
there are still bills to be paid and commitments to be met.

It may seem that we
don’t know what to do or what to expect during an unprecedented crisis like
this, but one thing is sure – even now, there are opportunities to have side
hustles during coronavirus.

If you consider the
time you would have spent preparing to leave the house and commuting to and
from your job, now that you’re working from home, you have extra time, which
can be put to use to develop your COVID side hustle.  

It’s the best way to
invest your time and energy and add purpose to your life amid uncertainty. Best
of all, you can use this time to learn and hone the skills you will need to
start your business. After the quarantine period is over, your coronavirus side
hustle can continue to be an additional income stream long after this pandemic.
We’ve put together some side hustle ideas to get you started.

What Are You Passionate About?

Thinking about your
interests is a good starting point for deciding what your side hustle will be.
It would be best if you aimed to find a side hustle in an area you are
passionate about, or it should be aligned with your skillset. You may be
surprised how well one of your talents or hobbies may translate into a great
money-making idea.

You can also consider
your experience in your current job or past jobs, and friends and family may
also be able to tell you what they have noticed you’re good at doing. We often
overlook valuable skills we have that make viable business ideas. Ask yourself
if there is anything easy for you that others may find challenging to do.

Once you’ve made your
decision, use your time at home to browse available resources for learning a
new skill or beefing up capabilities you already have. Remember, you might not
be able to go to a bookstore or library during the quarantine. Still, you can
listen to audiobooks and podcasts, watch YouTube videos, or order books online.

Contact some people in
your target market to see if they have any interest in the service you are
thinking of offering, so you know if it’s a worthwhile endeavor. It is also
essential to find out whether they would be willing to pay for this service.
Get a sense of what is currently being offered in your niche and think about
what you bring to the table that makes you stand out from others who are
offering similar services.

Consider the
restrictions that are currently in place and ensure that your business can
operate remotely. If you will be offering your services, the next step is to
look for places online where you can do so, such as Fiverr or Freelancer.

Your business needs to
be one you can sustain in the future, beyond the current pandemic. Make both
short-term and long-term plans.

Services and Goods that People
Need Now, More than Ever

Daily tasks, which
previously seemed simple and straightforward, have taken on a new twist in
light of stay-at-home orders during this crisis. Tools, platforms, and services
that facilitate or help improve remote working, online communication,
e-learning, and other activities are currently in high demand.

Face-to-face meetings
have turned into video calls. Conferences have gone digital, facilitated by
webinars and podcasts. Software programs and new mobile applications that help
make our personal and professional lives feel less abnormal are in the
limelight. Above all, e-commerce is booming and can be a lucrative area for a
side hustle during corona.

Keep an eye on the new
needs which are emerging every week. Opportunities are popping up everywhere,
and your skills could be a good fit for a new area in demand.

Helping Out

Some people need to
use the current gift of extra time to start a side hustle and to help others.

  • Check on your neighbors – find out how your
    neighbors, especially elderly folks, are doing. Call or text them and ask if
    they need anything. If you happen to have what they need, you can offer a
    contactless method of getting it to them. You can leave it at their front door,
    and they can pick it up at their convenience.
  • Find ways to volunteer virtually – the
    Internet is exploding with virtual opportunities right now. You can find lots
    of volunteer opportunities on our websites like Non-profits
    across the globe are figuring out how to keep their programs going, using
    innovative solutions.
  • Donate – there’s no doubt there are several
    worthwhile causes and non-profit organizations, and their workers are going
    above and beyond to help those in need. Why not donate to your favorite
    organization? Every little bit helps.

Best Side Hustles to Do From Home


Clean out your closet,
pick out the clothes you’ve hardly ever worn or stuff you know you don’t really
need and sell them all online.


With dropshipping, you can sell products without having to stock them yourself. The products are shipped from the manufacturer directly to the buyer. You market the products act as the intermediary.

or tutor online

If you’re a teacher by
profession, you can teach
. Even if you’re not a teacher, if you have musical talent or another
skill, you can also offer lessons online. Some people use Skype and Zoom to
tutor via free video chats. You can also apply for jobs at Tutor Me or Tutor
Match. Those who want to teach English online can check out VIPKID and

a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants,
commonly known as VAs, handle various tasks, including proofreading,
copywriting, social media management, scheduling meetings, travel bookings,
email communication, and other administrative tasks. Check out any of a variety
of websites to find virtual assistant jobs. These sites include Freelancer,
goLance, or Guru, or you can use VA staffing agencies, like Zirtual, PriorityVA, and 24/7 Virtual
Assistant, who will find jobs for you.

Start a blog

Those who have
in-depth knowledge about a particular topic and the skill to write well about
it can start a blog. There are many options to measure and keep an eye on your
blog, from having advertising space to affiliate marketing and sponsorships.

a YouTube channel

Have you heard of
vlogging? You can earn decent money-making video blogs on YouTube. You can
teach others how to do something useful or learn a skill. Use either a
smartphone that shoots quality videos or a video camera if you have one.

Look for freelancing

There are tons of
websites serving as marketplaces where freelancers who work remotely can find
jobs. Lots of people could use your help, whether you have the skills to be a
social media marketer, freelance writer, graphic designer, data entry worker,
or resume writer at a time when there are more job seekers than ever.

the Steady app

The free
Steady app is a job board based on the location that regularly updates — to
show you available opportunities. Steady’s temporary remote side hustles
include food delivery jobs, call center representative work, Clickworker, and
Rosetta Stone Tutor.


When life gives you
lemons, make lemonade. You may have been worried about how you’ll make ends
meet or concerned about your job security. These are uncertain times indeed,
but one thing is sure – there are loads of opportunities at your fingertips to make
during the quarantine.

It is clear to see that there are
so many ways to start a side hustle. It would be best if you found the idea that’s
right for you. Starting a side hustle during the coronavirus pandemic is a
great way to make use of your new-found extra time. You should bear in mind
that you will have to balance this with a full-time job, so it’s best to pick a
side hustle where you will be doing work you will enjoy; otherwise, you may not
feel it’s worth it the effort.

Your side hustle can
become a business that will generate hundreds, or even thousands, of extra
dollars for you and your family every month. It can be life-changing now and in
the future. You will learn new skills or enhance the ones you already have
while making money on your schedule. The most important benefit is that you
won’t have to depend solely on a job that can be here today but gone in the
next crisis.

Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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