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    6 Technologies Powering the UK Online Gambling Industry

    The last two decades have witnessed an incredible transformation in the UK gambling industry. There has been a lot of market shifts with new brands coming in, mergers, and acquisitions. However, it’s the impact of technology that has fuelled the growth of online gambling.

    The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) says online gambling overtook both the offline, brick-and-mortar casinos and the National Lottery in 2019. This development is reflected in the UK casinomarket, where more people now play online.

    This post highlights the technologies fuelling the online gambling industry.

    Cloud Computing

    As more people shift to online platforms, there’s more demand for seamless playing experiences. Clients want personalized experiences. The cloud delivers greater performance and scalability which also enhances data analytics, security, and other capabilities. The cloud also helps these platforms meet stringent regulations in areas such as data management.

    Data Science

    Big data is no longer a buzz phrase but reality. Casinos generate large volumes of data and through data science, it’s possible to interpret this data and leverage its power. The biggest operators now employ data scientists and other data specialists while also using the latest data software to harness the power of data. Operators can offer customised services and better overall user experience by relying on data.

    Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    Artificial intelligence is one of the biggest tech trends across industries. In the gambling industries, operators use AI in innovative solutions such as chatbots to boost customer services.  They also use AI for data collection and analysis to deliver accurate product personalisation for players. AI boosts user engagement through quality automated interactions.

    AI has also helped identify problem players and promote responsible gambling. This is one of the most important developments in the digital gambling landscape.

    Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

    The online gambling landscape has, for long, struggled with slow payments and security issues. The use of blockchain technology in authentication processes now makes payments seamless and adds another layer of security to these platforms.

    Cryptocurrency casinos are now popular and they have made banking faster, secure, and efficient. These cryptocoins allow anonymous payments which are affordable compared to other banking methods. For regions where strict gambling laws hinder local licensed platforms, cryptocurrencies allow locals to access their favourite games.

    Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

    VR and AR are top trending technologies in the gaming world. Gaming developers have also started releasing VR and AR casino games which deliver a more authentic and realistic experience. The immersive playing experience leads to more customer satisfaction.

    With more millenials now forming the largest part of the income earning population, offering VR and AR games has revived the fortunes of the gaming industry. The VR hardware, including headsets, is readily available, and this has helped power interest in the new technology.

    Live Dealer Games

    Online live dealer games are a big hit with players who want a more authentic casino experience. There’s a real human dealer on the other side of the screen and a live chat feature that allows seamless interaction. From baccarat, video poker to blackjack, live casino games add to the thrill of your casino experience.

    Final Thoughts

    New technology is behind the tremendous growth of the gambling industry in the UK. When looking for the best place to play, check for these innovative features to enhance your experience. These are trends defining the booming industry.

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