Worthily Films Production Company – Script Writing Sessions with Paul Chronell

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Worthily Films, a newly emerged film production company based in London,  founded by Chelsea Leigh Macleod and Steve Dodsworth, are currently in post production on their first short film Waiting For Time, screenplay by Paul Chronnell, directed by The Bashford Twins.

In this article we explore what attracted Worthily Films to Waiting For Time and talk to Paul Chronnell about all things scriptwriting.

Waiting For Time  was an interesting script for various reasons. Firstly, the themes are timeless and relatable. Whether it be the theme of mental health or that of unrequited or lost love, it is a story we can all relate to. Especially coming out of lockdown, a period of isolation which has highlighted the importance of mental health. Worthily Films felt this was a story that was both current and simultaneously timeless.

Secondly, the characters were intriguing to us and the relationship between them was also something that we found fascinating. We experience an array of emotions within the discoveries of their relationship. This is a true representation of life and being in any relationship, there’s the highs and the lows, we felt that Waiting For Time captured that. The story felt real and believable.

Thirdly, the concept. We found the concept entirely unique, fresh and it was something we knew would push the boundaries cinematically. It allowed for a powerful visual experience. The Bashford Twins found the script and we knew why they were passionate about it.

The writer Paul Chronnell had positive things to say about the team. In an interview, he mentions that his script is now in the hands of some incredibly talented people. . . this is a comment that the entire team will feel pleased to hear. Chronnell’s script inspired over twenty people to exit their lockdown hibernation and enter the world of storytelling.

Paul Chronnell gave a few words about what it feels like to be a scriptwriter… he said that when you start writing any script and there’s nothing but blank pages in front of you, your main thought is I want to write a great story that will excite people and then there’s always a hope that it’ll move into production and be in the hands of some talented people, for Chronnell, that’s one of the most exciting things about scriptwriting.

Paul Chronnell is known as the idea machine. He doesn’t have a preference of genre. He loves stories. As he describes, he is an “Ideas person. ” Paul enjoys twists, films that watch characters do the unexpected. He has a love for dialogue, he’s fascinated by watching the way people communicate with each other in real life. 

Worthily Films knew that this was a story they wanted to tell. It was like love at first read. We knew that it was a short film that would resonate with people in some way. It pushes the envelope and has a powerful message and themes that are relevant in the current climate.

In conclusion, this is a script that we all felt passionate about. It was an instinctive and clear  YES on our part.

Should you wish to submit your script, contact us via our website. To stay updated with all things Worthily Films, follow our social media platforms.







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