Monday, May 23, 2022

    Film Shoots in COVID-19: Worthy Films Assuring Precautions at Set

    As Worthy Films are going to do a COVID-friendly film shoot, it is a covenant to the willpower and survival of the industry, so the film industry has not to face an adversary. 

    In 1918, Hollywood was fully shut down by Spanish Flu, and the virus has devastated the city, so, most similar small companies face downfall as they cannot shut their doors.

    The pandemic that everyone is facing today cannot be compared to that one century ago, as it has closed almost every industry around the globe. Once again, would Hollywood and earlier furnishing film scene within the U.K. will face the same in 2020 as in 1918?

    Since the scene of the production company in 2020 seems to be much different than the early 1900s, the first question is “When can film making be started again?” that we ask from ourselves in the film industry.

    Luckily, the guidelines of BFC (British Film Commission) brought hope, and some factors get cleared that one who was confident and enthusiastic could return to the work from 1 June. As an innovative film production company, Worthily Films took a grant from BFC and tried for running with inclusivity and diversity.

    Moreover, as Worthy Films was an emerging yet courageous company, making a superficial short film introduction was not satisfactory for them. A passionate project “Waiting for Time, written by Paul Chronnell, was shoot down during the lockdown on embracing and boundary-pushing visuals of 16mm film.

    The team of more than 20 people were enthusiastic about making a top-notch and high-value film. But PPE was the only thing as a hurdle in their way. As a whole, it was what that was beneficial for them.

    In the first quarter of June, a dedicated and not much hesitating team of the play joined meeting on Zoom for listening to the Producer and Founder of Worthy Films, Chelsea Leigh Macleod, and Steve Dodsworth respectively. In the meeting, planning was done for keeping everyone safe during the shoot that was listed in the upcoming week. 

    Precaution materials such as gloves, antiviral spray, masks, sanitiser, and disposable cups were gathered in a large amount for protecting the team twice over.

    During the three day shoot, only half faces of the crew member will appear to one another, so badges or say cards were given to each member for identification.

    The crew also embraced the initial call time as it was the very first project they were able to work on in these times. The film set all around was scouted with Corona Pandemic in mind. It was comprised of several large and separate rooms for every faculty of the staff and an outdoor open space that would be covered up in the sunshine during the shoot.

    It was unlikely to abstain the fact that Worthily Films, behind the scene, the crew wants to take measures that most would consider excessive for keeping everyone safe. For transforming a dream into reality, all the crew members bear standing two meters away during a tea break, which could be a small paying price.

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