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Covid-19 Pandemic Has Fundamentally Changed Education in the UK

As soon as the COVID-19 pandemic is over, every institution will have to embrace the future boldly. The UK is one of the countries in Europe that has been hit hard by the pandemic. Schools in the country were forced to close down, but there are new plans to reopen. 

According to UK officials, the education sector has been fundamentally changed. But they are optimistic that everything will be back on track soon and that they will cope without putting any child in danger of transmitting the virus. Hence, there are guidelines that have been proposed by health officials.

Gradual Reopening of Schools

The education officials in Britain have announced a gradual reopening of schools so that children do not meet in schools all at once. Some grades will resume school first and start using the set measures immediately. As soon as they settle in, others will follow suit.

The Need for More School Buildings

This is the biggest change to ever happen in the history of UK schools. The guidelines dictate that all schools should have classes accommodating about 15 pupils whose desks have a distance of 1.5 meters between them. This creates the need for extra facilities.

  • Additional classrooms – Temporary classrooms are the best solution for schools as of now. They are affordable and quick to install compared to permanent classrooms. According to the Smart Space company, which is a leader in the provision of temporary structures in the country, schools should focus on custom temporary classrooms. The school management can discuss the details of what they want with these experts. 
  • Extra library space – Students must continue learning in the same way. Although not all of them will be in schools at the same time, the libraries must be increased in size to allow social distancing. Again, experts in temporary structures are in a position to expand the existing libraries and other similar facilities even if the school has limited open property available.
  • More offices – Both students and their teachers must observe social distancing and all safety measures to curb the spread of the virus. Teachers should also have extra office space especially in the main hall where teachers meet.

Handwashing Areas

UK schools are required to have a handwashing area to promote hygiene. The health officials recommend regular handwashing using running water and soap. Although schools might have these facilities already, they will need more to avoid crowding of children during breaks. These areas should be located in different parts of schools especially now that children will be clustered to have their breaks in different areas. 

Careful Observation of Signs of Illness

Children who show signs of fever or any other sign of illness should be isolated immediately and medical professionals should be called. When handling such a child, the supervisor should wear a mask and other PPE. This will make certain that no one is put in any danger. 


There are many other guidelines that have been proposed for schools to ensure there is no spread of coronavirus in schools. There is no option other than to comply for the good of the students.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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