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    5 Easy Steps to Buy Bitcoin in 2020

    Are you in a dilemma and searching for all the possible measures, that how to make money online? Then indeed your search ends here. Let me introduce you to the most effective and profitable form of Cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin, which is in true sense is the ‘Kleenex’ or ‘Coca Cola’ among the other types of Cryptocurrency. During the past few years, bitcoin has gathered so much popularity and faith and at the very same moment is best known for its sustainability. If you eager enough to gear up your earning by investing in Bitcoin, just do follow these easy steps:

    • Step 1: Finding a perfect Bitcoin Wallet:

    Like other forms of currencies, you just need a Wallet to keep this Secure and safe. Basically, by keeping the same in a secured wallet, you would be able to store it safely till the moment you won’t intend to sell it out or exchange it with other forms of Cryptocurrency. Moreover, the Wallet accounts offer the best security measures to you which are quite necessary if you are dealing in an Electronic form of currency. Once you attain the Bitcoin, the concerned Seller may advise you to transfer the same to some other wallet from the one in which you received the Bitcoin and the best options we would suggest for the said purpose are Bitcoin Core, Exudes and Mycelium.

    • Step 2: find and stick to the right Bitcoin trader:

    It is a must for an Investor to not move, to and for after investing in Bitcoin. One should rather pick a single path and shall stick with the best Bitcoin Trader who can assure security and safety measures, which suits you the best. for this purpose we would suggest that one should try out award trading app, which is in true sense the best option, as they are best known for their work. Just sign up with them, provide your basic information and within minutes you’ll find yourself in safe hands.

    • Step 3: Selecting Payment method:

    As you are well versant with the current scenario and online frauds, it is a must for you to opt for a secure and legal payment method and stay vigilant regarding the same. As of now most of the exchanges do accept different types of payment modes namely, PayPal, through banking Channel, Credit or Debit Card, and in case there is a Bitcoin ATM available around your place, then you can use Cash too.

    • Step 4: Buying Bitcoin and Storing them in your wallet:

    Being a Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is completely subjected to market fluctuations, and that the place where exchanges work as a backbone for you. They keep you updated with the market condition and guide you in the best possible way as to when buy or sell the same. Once you buy the Bitcoin it will be automatically stored in your Wallet which your Exchange provided you and you must transfer the same thereafter into your separate wallet for which you shall be charged with a Fee. This process quite takes and Endeavour to get completed.

    • Step5: Get Ready to use it:

    After completing all the process, now you must focus on how to use the cryptocurrency you own and make a profit out of it. The possible options you will be having are, exchange it with other cryptocurrencies, sell it, invest in something valuable directly. Just create a Seller’s Account and brace yourself for the right moment and hit the Jackpot.


    Coming to the end, we hope that this article may enlighten you up with the working mechanism of Bitcoin and help you out to invest safely and wisely. There is a saying, “An Investor knows where to invest but a Smart Investor knows, when to Invest”, so be a smart Investor and follow the above-mentioned steps and become the emperor of your own Kingdom.

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