Decorating Your Home on a Budget


Ever since the rise of COVID and remote working, a lot of people have turned their attention to their home and taken lockdown life as an opportunity to redecorate. Whether it’s a case of adapting the space to suit a home working situation, freshening up the spare room or simply getting around to those odd jobs that need attention in the house, there’s a huge amount of resources online to help you plan and get the job done. These include ideas and inspiration along with online shops where you can order everything from paint to carpet, furniture and home accessories. There is a huge amount of choice available to suit all budgets and there’s really never been a time like the present to get into interior design and spruce up your house. Large home renovations can be costly, but smaller decorating jobs generally don’t cost much and are very effective.

Easy Ways to Decorate

The possibilities are endless when it comes to interior design. Some easy and budget-friendly places to start when revamping include the following:

  • Paint or wallpaper the walls
  • Freshen up the bedrooms with new bedding
  • Re-organise kitchen storage
  • Add accessories like lamps, throws, pictures and cushions

1. A fresh coat of paint is one of the best and cheapest ways to liven up any room. It can take quite some time to get the job done, but it is an inexpensive way to brighten any space in your home. A signature wall in a contrasting colour can add character and depth to a room, while wallpaper is a great way to implement a print when decorating your house or apartment.

2. One of the most budget-friendly ways to change up a bedroom is with a new duvet cover and bed sheets. Crisp white always looks great but you can opt for any colour or pattern that will suit the space. Millennial pink is a particularly popular option for bedrooms at the moment.

3. Giving the kitchen cupboards a clear out can help refresh this room and give it a little facelift. Painting kitchen cupboards is a great way to keep them looking spick and span. Add in a splash of colour to the kitchen with new window blinds and textiles such as napkins and tea towels. Top tips for organising the kitchen include using drawer dividers, storage containers and jars, spice racks on the walls and shelving.

4. Home accessories such as lamps, cushions and throws are a cheap and easy way to add some colour, depth and texture to your space. Using a mixture of textures in a room, for instance, combining a wicker lampshade, wool blankets and a woven rug can create a very comfortable and inviting style. Adding framed pictures onto the walls also goes a long way in making a house feel like a home. Picture frames can be picked up very cheaply in lots of different sizes.

Invest in Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is an excellent way to save money when it comes to electricity costs. Although the initial outlay is a little more than purchasing standard bulbs, the money saved on energy bills over the course of a year is worth the investment. Smart bulbs are also a more eco-friendly option thanks to their low energy usage and longevity. Financial benefits aside, smart lighting is very adaptable and gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to lighting your home. Turn the brightness up while you’re working or studying and lower it down in the evenings or for dinner parties to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Light redecorating can be cheap and cheerful and is a great way to refresh your home. Note that if you are planning extensive redecorating or renovation on your house and need to undertake work on a party wall, be sure to run it by the neighbours and follow these party wall tips from the experts.


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