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    5 Unconventional Ways to Boost Your Return on Investment with SEO

    Should you go with organic SEO created by a digital marketing agency or purchase Google ads? If you’re interested in long-term success, SEO is always the answer.

    Granted, this route can lead to a massive return on your investment, but it’s not always easy to discern what are the best SEO practices to follow. There’s a lot of similar-sounding advice out there.

    And while foundations of SEO will eventually lead to the results you’re looking for – they’re not everything. In this article, we would like to draw attention to a few ideas that you might not have thought of yet or have neglected to use.

    1. Fight Your Way to Featured Snippets

    Sometimes, you need a 3,000-word article on a topic, and other times you need a short sentence that contains essential information. That’s why featured snippets are popular.

    They’re right under the sponsored posts and ads, answering the questions you’ve asked. The problem is that it’s not exactly clear yet what’s the magic formula of getting your website into the featured snippets ranking. But placing a question in the H1 title is a good practise.

    So too is utilising the FAQ schema code that indicates your post contains a question and answer format. But all of that is useless without having the best possible content that provides concise answers.

    2. Choose More Intuitive Title Tags

    Everyone talks about keywords, and of course, this is something that requires a lot of research and careful implementation in SEO. But even if your content is premium and keywords are perfectly optimised, users might skip your page.

    This happens if the title tags sound confusing or merely unappealing. This often happens when we lose sight of the fact that it’s real people behind the screens.

    Simple and straightforward title tags will get more clicks than those that sound overly complicated and perhaps a bit intimidating.

    The “What Is…?” format is always going work, even if you’ve used it thousands of times before, because that’s precisely what people ask.

    3. Transcribe Videos

    In some instances, well-executed video content is the absolute best choice to make. And it’s often the preferred choice among users. However, in terms of boosting the return on your investment with SEO, it’s not the best option.

    But it can be if you add a transcript of the video content. Just because search engines still can’t read and analyse video data, you need to move away from creating video content.

    There are efficient and affordable tools online that can help you with transcribing the videos. But if you make an extra effort to edit those transcripts into blog posts, you’ll likely see even better results.

    4. Focus on the Images

    Images are important. A claim supported by the fact that Google keeps a separate tab just for image searches. That’s why taking the time to add descriptive tags and naming the image file might significantly increase your chances of ranking higher on the SERP.

    Another image-related tip would be to think about the image size. High-quality images seem like an obvious choice, but lighter image files might mean that the page will load faster.

    You might benefit from searching for tools that can help you preserve the image quality while compressing the file size as much as possible.

    5. If You Still Haven’t – Relocate to WordPress

    WordPress might not be the only website building platform, but when it comes to SEO, it’s the best choice. If you’re looking to boost the return on your investment with SEO, WordPress has a lot of useful and practical tools.

    One of which is the Yoast plugin that can help you make your page stand out when the search engine algorithms search for the best results to present. Even the free Yost plugin version will provide sufficient information for you to tweak your page to perfection.

    Bonus Tip: Quality & Consistency

    These two ideas go hand in hand when you want to bank on your SEO practices. Reliable and long-lasting content is the absolute key when it comes to choosing the right SEO investment.

    Moving towards useful rather than trendy content is always the right choice. But it’s also vital to point out that consistency will pay off as well.

    Consistency is noted among the algorithms too. Therefore, if you choose a regular and consistent output of content, you’re likely to be gain more traffic and start more conversations.

    Return on Investment with SEO: Thinking Outside the Box

    Whether you choose to hire a digital marketing agency or another approach, the principles of return on investments are the same. And yes, it’s a long-term investment, that sometimes seems a little bit too unpredictable.

    But if you try to implement some of these unconventional ways to boost and expedite the return on your investment, you could see tremendous growth faster than anticipated. But always keep in mind that quality content comes before any other tool you can try.

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