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Ovarian cancer treatment

Ovarian cancer includes large and diverse groups of ovarian malignant tumors.

This disease is characterized by complex diagnostics and high mortality, due to the fact that at the early stages it is asymptomatic and, as a rule, is detected already at III-IV stages, when patients start to have the symptoms that can’t be ignored anymore.

What are the treatment options

The process of ovarian cancer treatment is represented by various methods, among which surgical intervention is the main. But surgeries are possible only when the tumor is resectable. In other cases, alternative therapies are selected.

  • Surgical intervention

The best result is typically achieved by the surgery, but with an inoperable tumor, such treatment is impossible. Most often the tumor that has grown into nearby organs, intestines or bladder is inoperable.

  • Hormonal therapy

This is a treatment aimed at suppressing the production of certain hormones. Numerous studies have demonstrated that some tumors, especially of the female reproductive system, arise under the influence of the uncontrolled production of female hormones. These hormones promote the growth of cancer cells, and hormonal therapy is designed to consolidate the results that have been achieved with surgery or chemotherapy.

  • Targeted therapy

Targeted therapy is a progressive treatment with drugs that contain substances, reacting aggressively to cancer cells. These substances invade the cellular structure of an atypical cell, at the molecular level destroying proteins in the nucleus and important cellular structures. At the same time, healthy cells and tissues do not experience any damage.

  • Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy for ovarian cancer is performed with the most modern chemotherapy drugs. They combine a high-intensity action on the tumor with a low number of side effects. The drugs suppress the process of the division of pathologically altered cells. For this type of treatment to be efficient, it is used in combination with surgery. It can be performed before surgery, with the purpose of reducing the size of the tumor, or after, to reduce the risk of recurrence.

  • Radiation therapy

Radiation therapy is also a complementary therapeutic method. Radiation exposure can be internal or external. Internal irradiation is considered a more sparing option. During the treatment, a capsule with a radioactive substance is immersed inside the tumor. The substance irradiates the tumor from the inside without affecting healthy tissues.

What determines the prognosis of ovarian cancer?

  1. Early diagnosis. The earlier women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer, the better the prognosis.
  2. The types of ovarian cancer. Different types of tumors may behave differently. Some types of tumors are characterized by a more aggressive progression of the disease, including a high probability of recurrence and low treatment effectiveness.
  3. The possibility of complex treatment, which influences the effectiveness of the therapeutic regimen.
  4. Amount of time from the initial treatment to the moment of recurrence. Unfortunately, ovarian cancer tends to recur.

Best hospitals for ovarian cancer treatment

We understand how important it is to receive proper care in such special conditions. That is why Booking Health selects hospitals to work with very carefully. The main criteria are advanced technological base, most experienced clinicians, and high rates of treatment success.

That is why we are proud to represent some of the best hospitals in the world: University Hospital Heidelberg, Charite University Hospital Berlin, University Hospital Frankfurt am Main, and the list goes on.

The best hospitals in the field of ovarian cancer treatment particularly are:

  1. University Hospital Rechts der Isar Munich
  2. University Hospital Tuebingen
  3. Medicana International Istanbul Hospital

We will navigate you through the journey and take care of the communication with the hospital, applying for a visa, flight, and accommodation booking, if necessary.

Leave your request on the Booking Health website, and we will provide you with all the information necessary and arrange treatment at the best hospitals in the world.

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