5 tips for making your small firm leaner and meaner after COVID-19


Covid-19 has caused the world of business to turn completely upside down. No longer are people feeling confident that they can go into a store without there being a consequence. Even if your business is following government guidelines and you are keeping your premises the cleanest they have ever been, you may be considering keeping your small firm an online brand.

That way when you eventually come back, then you can make it even better than it was before. Here are the top five tips that you should be considering when you eventually reopen your business.

  1. Combine digital and traditional marketing

Naturally, if you want to make a great impact on your audience, you are going to need to use your advertising to show that you are going to be reopening the doors of your business.

So, you may want to announce it on your social media platform and make a campaign offering products or discounts to the public. Combine this with physical flyers, posters and posted advertisements that you can print and personalise using slitters cutters creasers.

That way, you can use advertisements to quickly grab your clients’ attention, as well as to allow them to read deeply into your posters’ main message. It is a great way to push your message out and potentially bring in new clients.

  • Remote working

Honestly, the prospect of working from home has made the lives of many workers far easier than ever before. Now they are able to balance their personal and work lives and spend more time with their children, all because they are able to use a VPN or simply work with their laptops from their living rooms.

Now you can employ your workers without having to worry about the costs of your business building. Remote working is simple and it is easy to keep up with your workers. You can keep updated on their progress through virtual meetings and even host occasional meet-ups in a socially distanced area to ensure they still know how to get on with their work.

This freedom can really help them with their tasks.

  • Offer discounts on products

Honestly, with the UK reopening different stores and businesses around the country, it’s important that you offer as many discounts as possible to try and draw the attention of your customers.

Many customers may feel nervous about coming forward after the lockdown. That’s why it is good to encourage them with loyalty rewards and discounts to make them feel comfortable engaging with your firm again.

  • Digital SEO help

If you are thinking about moving all of your products online, as you want to gain more of an audience, you should consider investing in some SEO advice. The aim would be to get your products on page one of Google’s search engine rankings. Spruce up your website and make sure it is mobile friendly. That way, you can encourage online shopping.

  • Re-evaluate your business

As you reopen your business, you should use this as an opportunity to re-evaluate how your company runs and what previous marketing campaigns have worked out. Have honest discussions with your colleagues and business partners about what has worked better during lockdown. You can also figure out how to capitalise on this from there.


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