The Importance of Buying E-Cigarette and Vape Supplies From a Trustworthy Vendor


Men and women often turn to e-cigarettes and other vape products when this wish to quit smoking or cut back on their tobacco habit. In fact, quite a few individuals find they kick the habit for good with the help of these products, which is good news. While questions remain regarding the safety of these products, many experts believe they are safer than their tobacco counterparts. Nevertheless, individuals must take care when purchasing e-cigarettes and vape supplies, as products purchased on the street often do more harm than good. In addition, the CDC recommends people not modify cannabis or nicotine e-cigarette devices. The agency believes modified products and those purchased on the street played a role in the recent round of lung sicknesses related to this activity.


During the summer of 2019, individuals in over two dozen states became ill after vaping, and experts raced to identify the cause of the condition they referred to as EVALI. Some blamed it on affordable vape supplies, but that turned out to not be the case. The CDC could not gather evidence that identified a single device or product responsible for the illnesses, but health officials across the country expressed alarm regarding the use of vape products. This led the CDC to issue several recommendations regarding the use of the products.

The agency told people concerned about their health to avoid the use of e-cigarettes completely and speak to their doctor regarding alternative smoking cessation methods. It said youth and young adults should avoid the use of the products along with women who are pregnant and anyone who doesn’t already use tobacco products. The statement issued by the agency said anyone using an e-cigarette or vape products should watch for symptoms. If the user-developed a cough, shortness of breath, or chest pain should seek medical care right away to rule out lung illnesses related to the use of the e-cigarettes and vape products.

The Illness

By late June 2019, over 200 people across 25 states developed severe respiratory illnesses. Quite a few required hospitalization because of their illness, and some patients needed a ventilator to assist with their breathing or extensive monitoring within an intensive care unit. One woman in her 30s died in Illinois, and public health experts looked into a link between her vaping habit and the illness that led to her demise. They couldn’t provide a definitive cause of death until they got toxicology reports and other tests conducted.

Certain patients who became ill reported they have used e-cigarettes containing THC. This substance provides the high associated with marijuana use, and doctors were looking into the connection between cannabinoid oils vaporized in cartridges and the illnesses being seen in medical centers in these states. However, some patients claimed to have only used e-cigarettes and vape products containing nicotine. Several patients seen reported their symptoms were mild at first and gradually occurred more often. They explained they have trouble breathing and chest pain before the symptoms became so troublesome they required medical care and hospitalization.

The Cause

Doctors struggled to find a common cause for the lung sicknesses and questioned whether patients were experiencing distinct illnesses with similar symptoms. The Centers for Disease Control called for data regarding the illnesses and found that more than half of the samples tested contained THC and many used vitamin E acetate as the diluent. They continue to research this topic today.

Back in 2019. Dr. Scott Gottlieb, a former commissioner of the FDA, states he believed some cases would be associated with THC use and illegal products. He explained major manufacturers didn’t seem to play a role in the illnesses, as none had recently changed the ingredients in their products. He said it appeared an illegal manufacturer introduced a new product to the market that led to the injuries. It appears that he was right.

Long-Term Effects

Experts know little when it comes to the long-term effects of e-cigarettes and vape products. They highlight the fact that these products lack the tar and other carcinogens present in conventional tobacco products. The concern lies in the fact that they must combine nicotine or THC with solvents that dissolve the drug and deliver it. They have yet to determine fully how this process affects the human body.

Today, the FDA continues to seek unpublished data and information that may be of help in determining how vaping products played a role in these lung injuries. In addition, the agency wants to collect information on the design of various vaping products and ways manufacturers might stop consumers from modifying these substances or adding substances to them that weren’t approved by the manufacturer.

However, the FDA isn’t recommending individuals who smoked tobacco cigarettes and have made the switch to vaping products should return to their former habit. They recommend these individuals turn to FDA-approved cessation methods. However, many men and women tried these methods only to fail before turning to vape products and succeeding. Men and women need to weigh all options and decide which is right for them.

Where to Buy

For those who choose to vape, purchase products from reputable manufacturers. Although it may appear cheaper and easier to use products made by a friend or share those obtained on the black market, individuals who do so cannot know what is in the product. This appears to be the case with those diagnosed with lung illnesses and injuries last year. However, the CDC also recommends individuals not make use of THC oil, as they worry this could lead to health issues.

Men and women must do their own research to determine if vaping is right for their needs. Quite a few individuals find they need this activity to replace their use of tobacco products. Other men and women find they switch to vape products for a period before giving up this habit. Regardless of which category a person falls into, their health must remain the top priority. For this reason, any person making use of vape products must ensure the items used in this activity come from reputable providers. Nobody wants to do damage to their health while trying to improve it. Sadly, that happens all too often when black market products are used, which is why it’s better to be safe than sorry and only buy from trusted sources.


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