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Cannabis seeds: the little power-seeds

Many trendy foods
are quickly named “superfood”. However, cannabis seeds have truly
earned this title. We will explain to you the positive effects these small
powerhouses have on your body and your health.

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The small,
brown-green cannabis seeds 

They are small
nutlets and closely with the hops used. The cannabis seeds have a nutty, sweet
taste and are reminiscent of sesame.

Unpeeled seeds
have a slightly bitter aftertaste due to the bitter substances in the skin, but
they have more valuable ingredients than peeled ones.

The fact that the
cannabis plant can be used in many ways was recognized 10,000 years ago in
ancient Asia. Especially in Egypt and China, the seeds were an essential part
of the diet and herbal medicine.

In India, Germany,
Greece and Iraq, the cultivation of industrial hemp can be proven in earlier

seeds don’t get you high

To anticipate any
concerns, those who eat cannabis seeds will not get high. For the food industry,
crops are bred that do not contain the intoxicating agent tetrahydrocannabinol

For the seeds to
be consumed safely, it is legally stipulated that they must not exceed a THC
content of 0.2%. Tested cannabis and hemp seeds are therefore THC-free.

Cannabidiol is
another legal active-ingredient in industrial hemp, can have a slightly
sedating effect in large quantities on people who are particularly sensitive to

is healthy

Along with quinoa
and soy, hemp is one of the few plant sources that can meet the human protein
needs. For vegetarians, vegans and people with conscious meat consumption,
cannabis seeds are a plant-based alternative to supply their body with
sufficient proteins.   

They contain all
the essential amino acids that humans need for life because the body cannot
produce essential amino acids on its own but has to absorb the proteins through
its diet.

The organism then
converts the amino acids into endogenous proteins. These are essential for body
growth, metabolic processes, muscle building, the production of messenger
substances, enzymes and hormones – in short: They ensure that everything in our
body runs smoothly.

protein is very similar to the human one

Besides, the human
body can digest and process the plant-based hemp seed protein very well.
Because 60% of the vegetable protein consists of edestin, which is very similar
to human blood plasma. It makes it easier for our organism to convert the
protein into immunoglobulin, which maintains our defense mechanisms.

The component
albumin, which stimulates the production of antibodies, also boosts the immune
system. The amino acids also have a vasodilating effect and have a detoxifying

seeds are ideal suppliers of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids

Another advantage
of hemp is healthy fatty acids. There are two fatty acids in large quantities
that play an essential role in the body’s immune response.

Cannabis seeds
provide omega-6 and omega-3 in a healthy 3: 1 ratio.

For comparison, in
our diet, the two fatty acids should ideally be represented at < 5: 1.

Omega-6 and
Omega-3 stimulate cell regeneration and ensure that we are physically and
mentally efficient, and muscles are built up quickly. That is why cannabis
seeds are an ideal nutritional component for athletes.

acid: a rare and healthy fatty acid

In cannabis seeds,
there is a speciality among the fatty acids: gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). This
unsaturated omega-6 fatty acid is only found in significant quantities in evening
primrose oil, pomegranate seed oil, spirulina, black currant and borage seed

In interaction
with vitamins B3, B6 and C, GLA creates a tissue hormone that has many positive
effects: It has an anti-inflammatory effect, lowers blood pressure, dilates
blood vessels and reduces cholesterol.  

against symptoms of PMS and menopause

Research suggests
that GLA can relieve discomfort during menstruation and menopause. The reason
for this could be the hormone-regulating effect of GLA on the thyroid and

It is assumed that
during certain cycle phases, there is an imbalance in hormones and nutrients,
which can lead to various complaints. The rich cannabis seeds can compensate
for this deficiency. Besides, the GLA inhibits the release of inflammation-promoting
substances and reduces the symptoms.  

drink a lot with cannabis seeds  

Hemp seeds provide
plenty of fibre. While insoluble fibre has a positive effect on intestinal
activity, soluble fibre delays the absorption of glucose. It prevents strong
fluctuations in the blood sugar level and reduces the production of insulin.
This effect helps to maintain a healthy weight and prevent type 2

With so many
health benefits, one should not overdo the consumption of the small cannabis
seeds. Like chia seeds, cannabis seeds tend to swell in the stomach and store a
lot of fluid. If the stomach is not used to a high-fibre
, digestive problems can occur.

To avoid
unpleasant effects, you should start small. To slowly get the intestines used
to cannabis seeds, we recommend a teaspoon per day. Adults who use hemp seeds
as a complete source of protein are considered the ideal daily amount of 50-75
grams; for children, it is 25-40 grams daily.

The higher the
daily ration, the more fluid the body needs for a balanced water balance.

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