Wednesday, May 25, 2022

    New camera dedicated to the world of creatives – introduced by IPEVO

    IPEVO, forerunners for the visual comms technology industry, have released a new version of their camera, suitably designed for the creative sector after their success during the deliverance of the company’s DO-CAM (USB visulaliser). The new product, cased within a dynamic yellow shell, caters for all kinds of roles designed to assist; graphic designers, architects and artists by adding a touch of simple genius to their everyday challenges.

    There are many versatile qualities linked with the new camera such as the size and clarity, creating practicality for creatives with low-vision issues.There is also a magnification tool that comes with the device boasting high quality and detail. Other primary benefits consist of:

    • One button, located next to the rotational handle. This button enables the handler to mirror the image when jumping between face to face and document sharing communications, establishing an image that is consistently correct.
    • Imagery sensors create noteworthy quality, focus and colour representations within the specific frame. This is achievable via the camera’s 8MP CMOS (sensor).
    • DO-CAM Creator’s Edition weighs in at around 335g, making it a great product for transporting and storing.
    • Webcam alternative.
    • The new DO-CAM’s ability to switch between both angles of imagery ensures a flexibility for the creative mind. This is especially practical for when designs need to be shared or visual communications need to be had between multiple participants.

    The Creator’s Edition DO-CAM can already be picked up directly from IPEVO for only £157.50 (ex VAT). Keep an eye on social pages for discount opportunities shared by the company. For more information regarding the EdTech company and their additional technologies, designs and softwares, please visit:

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