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6 Best Drop Servicing Niches for Beginners (2020) – By Dylan Sigley

You’re excited to start your drop servicing business, but you just can’t seem to choose which drop servicing niche you’re going to go with? If you’re a drop servicing beginner, it can be tough to choose a niche.

What makes a drop servicing niche good? 

People often ask me, “Dylan Sigley, what makes a good drop servicing niche”, well kind reader, a good niche is one that’s simple, easy to explain, easy to sell, and, of course, highly profitable. 

In this article, I’m going to outline 6 of the best drop servicing niches to start with. 

If you’re short on time, here they are:

  1. YouTube ads for e-commerce
  2. Animated sales videos
  3. Facebook advertising 
  4. Graphic design
  5. Web development for Shopify
  6. Blog and article writing

I highly recommend reading the entire article, so you can best figure out which niche to start with and remember to check out all of the Dylan Sigley social media accounts to learn more drop servicing strategies and tactics.

Where to start according to Dylan Sigley?

You’ve made it this far, and you’re all set to start your drop-servicing business. 

But, where do you even start? What’s the perfect niche for a drop servicing business? Ideally, you want to choose a niche that is highly profitable, easy to understand, and easy to sell. The more simple your business is, the more understandable your offer will be, and the easier it will be to operate your business as it grows, and inevitably gets more complicated. 

Choosing your niche isn’t like choosing who you’re going to marry. If you start with animated videos for Saas companies, you don’t have to continue with Saas animated videos for the next three years. That’s the beauty of drop-servicing, and running your own business.

You can start with a particular niche, focus on it, make it work, build systems around it, and then switch to another offer later. The most important thing is that you’re putting your offer in front of decision-makers that have an online presence, and have the budget for your digital services at the price you’re marketing them for. 

The 6 Best Drop Servicing Niches According To Dylan Sigley

Let’s get started with the six best drop servicing niches. Just a warning, these aren’t the only six you should choose. There are plenty of other niches that can work well, and if you’re well-versed in a different service, then maybe it’s a better idea to go with that, to begin with. But, if you’re stuck for ideas to get going, these 6 niches are a winning starting point as they’re in demand, simple and easy to sell. 

Dylan Sigley

1) YouTube ads for e-commerce. 

YouTube currently doesn’t have many advertisers, or at least advertisers that know what they’re doing. This means YouTube ads are relatively cheap and low competition compared to other advertising methods.

E-commerce itself as an industry is blowing up more than ever and it’s moving to YouTube. YouTube agencies, in general, are getting clients easy because there are so few agencies that specifically specialize in YouTube. There are so many writing agencies, SEO agencies, and design agencies, but how often do you hear of a company that’s specifically focused on YouTube advertising? Exactly. 

What I recommend you do is target e-commerce companies using Facebook ads, and if you set up the Facebook ads right, you should get some interest from companies willing to invest in video ads to help promote their products on YouTube.

2) Animated sales videos

First of all what are animated sales videos? 

Animated videos are a great niche as it’s a simple product, with a simple proposition. Generally, the goal with an animated sales video is for a business to have a short 60-second video that explains what their business or product does. For example, you could choose to target Saas companies because technology products usually need some explaining to sell well.   

3) Facebook advertising 

A Facebook ad agency is a great idea as many companies could benefit from Facebook advertising. This is true whether they are e-commerce companies or a local bricks and mortar business like gyms, chiropractic clinics, or coffee shops. They all need more exposure to stay relevant in their markets. If you can brand your Facebook ad agency as an authority, and you present yourself as knowing what you’re doing, Facebook ads are easily sold. This works even better when you target a business that has little experience with paid advertising platforms. The value you can add is huge, and it’s win-win.

One way to do this is to target businesses that have Facebook business pages, but haven’t put much effort into promoting their business on Facebook. It’s easy, low cost, and a simple offer to make. You could get going with this right now with targeted email campaigns.

4) Graphic Design 

Graphic design is an incredibly broad and generic niche, but if you can focus your offer on a specific part of graphic design that’s highly profitable and easy to systematize, graphic design can be a highly profitable niche. 

Perhaps, your graphic design offer is specifically focused on logo designs, ad designs to maximize a company’s click-through rates, or power-point presentation decks.

You can go on websites like Upwork to find the most successful graphic designers and see what services they are offering. What are they specializing in? Who’s charging the most and who’s getting the most jobs?

Once you’ve done this research, have a look at other service companies offering the same services to get an idea of what you could be charging and how to present your offer.

5) Web Development for Shopify

As mentioned before, e-commerce is exploding online and isn’t slowing down. Shopify is an incredibly popular platform where people can build online stores for their products, whether they make their own, or utilize a dropshipping business model.

Shopify provides a super easy framework to start a store and even has decent paid options enabling customization and coding. The more professional store owners are going to want that custom look and feel and may not have the expertise to execute it. This is your drop-servicing business opportunity.

If you can create a drop-servicing business model around custom Shopify stores, you’re giving yourself a big advantage against a generic web developer who also happens to do Shopify ecommerce web development.

Why? Because store owners just want it done. They don’t know or want to get involved in the technical negotiations that go with hiring a generic software developer. Your drop-servicing business is selling convenience, and ‘done for you’ execution. It’s a perfect business in a high growth industry. 

6) Blog and article writing

Great writing is valuable to a business. Every business needs some level of writing whether that’s product descriptions, white-papers, email copy, landing page copy, technical writing, the list goes on!

Blog and article writing. though. is a very common form of writing with many businesses wanting regular content to engage and motivate their target audience, while not having the in-house writing expertise to execute it. This is where your drop-servicing business comes to the rescue.

The issue is that there’s a ton of competition, and when starting it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd if you’re offering to write blogs on any and every topic under the sun.

The best thing to do in this case is to specialize. Create an article writing business around for example CBD, dentistry, coffee, tech, or Saas start-up topics. Any specific niche, that you can get market share and be a specialty drop-servicing company for that industry.
Think about it for a second, as a founder of a Saas company, would you rather pay a generic article writer or pay a little more for a company that focuses specifically on writing for Saas companies. The specialty company would be the obvious choice.

To wrap this up, it’s about picking a niche that’s been proven to work, focus in on a specialty and niche, to begin with, and stay consistent with it.

You’ll be able to make sales, and over time you can expand your offers, make them more general, expand into other niches. To begin with, though, keep it simple.

Get started. Today. Choose one from the list above or something similar and just stick with it until you start seeing results. What a lot of beginners do is spend weeks or months, trying to decide on the best option. Remember, guys, if there’s a demand for it, you can make sales happen with drop servicing. Just remember to focus on the client. How can you provide value to them? How can you make your offer irresistible and more desirable than your competitors?

It’s all about creating an affordable “done for you” offer where all the clients need to do is pay money, and have everything done for them. To help you on your journey be sure to check out all of the free step by step tutorials on drop servicing you can find on the Dylan Sigley Pinterest.

Dylan Sigley

Dylan Sigley has been running drop servicing businesses since 2015. At this point he has made over a million dollars across his businesses and now focuses on his education business the Drop Servicing Blueprint. Dylan

Dylan Sigley
Dylan Sigley
Dylan Sigley is the founder of Drop Servicing Blueprint. Not only does he run his own drop servicing business, but he now teaches other people how to build and scale their own drop servicing business so they too can live a life of financial freedom. It is fair to say he practices what he preaches. After starting his education company to help fellow entrepreneurs build their own drop servicing businesses, he has quickly built up a community of thousands of students from all over the world. Dylan Sigley teaches students all the tactics and strategies that he used to successfully grow their businesses and avoid all of the mistakes that he made. Drop Servicing Blueprint is able to help entrepreneurs at any stage of their business, whether that be at the beginning of their journey or entrepreneurs with existing businesses looking for help to grow. To date Drop Servicing Blueprint has successfully taught thousands of students to launch drop servicing businesses that offer multiple types of services, including animated video services, Facebook advertising, Web design, and much more. Dylan Sigley’s journey to financial freedom didn’t start smoothly. After signing up for an online course and then making every mistake in the book he struggled to gain any traction and almost gave up. But luckily for Dylan, he kept going and slowly started to make sales and deliver value for his clients. Twelve months after he started his business, he was making a 6-figure income and he could start to live and work from anywhere he wanted to. Dylan has since gone on to grow his businesses to over seven figures in annual revenue and he now resides in Krakow, Poland.

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