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Choosing the Best Tools for Your Online Trading Account

Forex trading tools are ideal for you if you have an online trading account. These tools come in handy in configuring parameters for choosing trades and analyzing the market. Advanced trading tools can influence your trading strategy and profits.

Currently, online brokers offer some of the most complex trading platforms. For example, the MetaTrader 5 and MetaTrader 4 platforms are some of the best tools an online trading account holder can use.

Many online brokers may allow traders to utilize the Metatrader platforms, while others will provide them as a substitute for their platforms. Established traders can also use robust tools and features on their platforms. 

Tools you can use for your Online Trading Account

The best tools for you depend on your money management strategies and trading style. For instance, a day trader may leverage chart patterns and short-range technical indicators to buy and sell. A trend trader, on the other hand, uses moving averages, and long-term charts to create positions.

Strategy oriented tools that are compatible with your trading style are often part of many trading platforms. Apart from technical analysis software, free trading platforms available today feature market analysis, and news feed tools that were costly in the past. Let us discuss these below.

Charting Software

Charts provide a visual representation of the market performance and are some of the most observed tools in the forex trading world. If you have an online trading account, then charts allow you to evaluate the market in real-time. You can even review your historical performance. Usually, traders can place trades directly from charts, and you can customize them to facilitate automatic trading.

Robust charting software comes with various trading signals and indicators, and you can even preview your strategies. Doing so gives you an overview of how they may perform in real-time. Again, the charting style is also a tool that demonstrates reversal and continuation patterns depending on the closing, low, high, and open prices. 

Trading Platforms

A trading platform features technical analysis software with a real-time feed and order access power. Many platforms display their real-time prices and data feed on their charting interface. They also feature a trade window that allows online trading account owners to trade directly from the charts.

A superior financial feed is a crucial part of an excellent trading platform. Today’s complex trading software allows traders to automate and customize trades based on the parameters they prefer. Many advanced platforms are also available on the mobile app version for iOS and Android gadgets.

Brokers are also a component of an effective trading platform. For instance, some forex trading service providers offer advanced desktop platforms complete with trading strategies, professional analytics, and advanced charting tools. Some platforms also come with customizable features to configure trade preferences and watchlists. 


Online trading account calculators are not only time-saving tools, but they come in handy to facilitate simple calculations. Some of the popular online calculators that traders use include volatility, margin, profit, and pip calculators. Currency converters are also essential tools that are similar to a calculator.  

Copy Trading Services

Copy or social trading is today one of the greatest trading innovations in the market. Copy-trading relies on technology to match the trades of the successful traders (forex signal providers) that you follow. Every time your forex signal provides trades on their online trading account, you can copy their trades automatically directly to your account. Whenever you reserve positions according to a signal, it is critical to note that many markets encounter unique conditions. 


There are numerous tools you can choose to help you trade the forex market with ease. Whether you are a novice or experienced forex trader, you can use trading tools to improve your strategy and ease your trading venture. Read and understand the tools in this list and choose one that best works for you.  

Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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