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Countryside Staycation Escapes: Your Northern Bucket List

As the UK continues to live through difficult times, many of us have relied on trips away from home to escape reality for a while. Although our plans to soak up the sun somewhere abroad this year may be off the cards, this opens up the opportunity for us to explore the stunning British countryside.

With this said, where better to admire the views the UK has to offer than in the north of England? Home to rural hotspots including national parks, lakes, reservoirs, castles, and even gardens, the North is the ideal place to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

From long hikes to cosy cafes out in the wilderness, we discuss the best Northern locations to visit. We also look at the activities you and the family can engage in.

The beauty of the lake district

It’s a well-known fact the Lake District is a hotspot for those that love long treks up challenging mountain faces and bike rides through the forests . So much so, recent data finds that searches for ‘Lake District holidays’ draws in an average of 8100 searches per month.

For those that are eager to explore the beauty that this district holds, it’s important to know the most popular places to visit. According to recent search data, ‘Helvellyn’ is the most searched for attraction, accounting for an average of 27,100 monthly searches. Situated between the natural waters of Ullswater, Thirlmere, and Grasmere, Helvellyn is a 950-metre tall mountain that is ideal for expeditious walking enthusiasts. Absorb the stunning views of the Lake District and get your heart pumping on the trek of a lifetime.

For those that prefer a less physically demanding trek in the countryside, Lake Windemere is the second most favoured activity to try in the Lakes District. It accounts for an average of 22,200 monthly searches. Renowned for being the longest body of water in England stretching a staggering 10.5 miles, it is surrounded by mountains, forest regions, and parklands. If you are looking for a way to give the walking boots a rest for a day, jump in a boat trip journey across the lake. Or, take part in a water sports experience. You could also indulge in the history behind Wray Castle that is located on the western shore of this stunning lake.

If you want to test the waters of your hiking ability before attempting one of the larger mountains in the Lakes, take a trek up Catbells first. This short, yet steep climb appears to be the third most popular activity to indulge in, accounting for an average of 12,100 searches per month.  

The wonders of Northumberland

Situated in the North East of England, this historic county is rich with picturesque landscapes and forests. With ‘Northumberland holidays’ accounting for 1,000 average searches per month, this is the ideal rural getaway.

As for activities, Alnwick Castle appears to be the main attraction that draws visitors to this stunning county. Rich with history and medievalism, Alnwick Castle accounts for an average of 49,500 searches per month. It is more recently famous for being the partial filming place for the iconic movie series Harry Potter.  If you too are a wizarding world devotee, take a trip to Alnwick Castle and discover where the magic began. 

Stop overnight in an Alnwick accommodation and make a pitstop at Alnwick Garden whilst you’re in the area. Accounting for an average monthly search of 18,100, this garden complex is bursting with wildlife. It has picturesque views and relaxing walks through the wilderness.

With 8,100 searches per month, the Farne Islands are ideal for keen adventurers that enjoy boat trips to the rugged Northumberland Coastline. Setting sale in Seahouses, enjoy a variety of boat trips. From sunset cruises, to diving experiences, the Farne Islands have an activity suited for everyone’s interests.

The history of Yorkshire

Located in the southern regions of Northern England, Yorkshire is bursting with history. The area welcomes thousands of tourists every year. ‘Yorkshire holidays’ is, unsurprisingly, searched an average of 1,000 times per month.

If you’re wondering what others have done during their visit here, ‘Yorkshire Wildlife Park’ has the highest number of average searches at 90,500.  Since its opening in 2009, this park is home to over 70 different species of animals. The park is considered to be a dynamic centre of conservation and welfare.

Located eight miles outside the charming town of Harrogate, the mystery that is ‘Brimham rocks’ appears to be of high interest to visitors. The term is searched an average of 22,200 times per month. With a history spanning over 340 million years, these rocks are a geological gold mine for those interested in all things historic. This site is a result of the collision of two continental plates many centuries ago.

Alive with history and striving in antiquity, the ‘National Railway Museum’ is a highly sought-after tourist destination too. The museum clocks an average monthly search of 12,100. Dedicated to educating its visitors about the engineering fascination of railways, this museum hosts an admirable collection of engineering brilliance and innovation.

Country Durham’s days out 

Home to the mighty High Force waterfall and picturesque city centre, County Durham is full of activities for people of all ages. Other than the abundance of woodland treks and adventures to enthral on, take a break from walking and visit Beamish Museum. Accounting for an average of 22,200 monthly searches, Beamish Museum reflects what it was like to live in North East England during the 1820s and 1950s.

For more history-fuelled adventure, Durham Cathedral boasts almost a millennium of pilgrimage, worship, and history since 1093. Accounting for an average of 14,800 searches per month, this cathedral consists of more than just a tranquil place to sit and absorb the beauty of its remarkable structure.  

As for other structures that lure a medieval aura, Raby Castle appears to be another popularly searched destination, averaging at 9,900 searches per month. Dating as far back as the 14th century, the Raby estate features not only the manor house that the Viking King himself, Canute II the great, built himself, but also the Neville family who built a castle that still stands today.

When it comes to staycation holidays away, the North of England is the perfect place to switch the phone off and get the walking boots on, as you discover the natural beauties this splendid, rural region has to offer.


Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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