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How to Ensure Your Motorbike is Road Safe

Have you just made a big purchase and bought your very first motorbike? Are you anxious to get out on the open road and see what the bike is made of and start enjoying a whole new way of touring and exploring? There’s no doubt you want to get to it, but first, it’s important to check off a few boxes – and those are road safety boxes.

Regardless of the condition of your motorbike, there are a few important steps you need to take that will ensure it is road safe and ready to be pushed to the limit. Here’s a look at those steps.

Perform a Pre-Ride Check

The pre-ride check isn’t meant to be something you do once or twice a year; rather, it should be done each time you are ready to take the bike out. It may seem like a lot of work, but when it comes to your safety on the road, it’s worth every minute.

The pre-ride check should include a look at the tyres to ensure they are properly inflated and there isn’t excessive wear. How do the brake pads look? The chassis and stand should be in good shape, the fluids need to be topped up, the lights should be working, and of course, a quick brake test is always wise. If anything is ‘off’, then it’s not wise to head out on the road until the problem has been addressed.

Do You Have Enough Fuel?

Just like with a car, you also want to be aware of your fuel level before you head out on the road. The last thing you want to deal with is running out of fuel mid-ride without any petrol station in sight.

Suit Up – Protect Yourself

Part of road safety is that you are also wearing the specific equipment to keep you safe – which means a properly fitting helmet and clothing that will protect you should you fall.

Do You Know How to Safely Operate Your Vehicle?

Besides the vehicle needing to be road-safe, you too need to fit into that category. That means you have done motorbike riding training so that you can handle all conditions and know the rules of the road, your confidence level will be high, and you also feel comfortable driving your specific motorbike.

If the bike is new to you, it’s a good idea to take some practice rides in an empty parking lot first and then quiet streets – just to familiarise yourself with how it operates and handles.

Put Plates on the Motorbike

You will also need motorbike registration plates in order to drive it. Rather than the standard plates, why not visit the Number 1 Plates website, that features a simple plate builder tool so that you can design large and small motorcycle number plates. You can do all the work online, and take advantage of next day delivery of these road legal plates. These plates are also highly durable so you know they are built to last.

Keeping Your Safety at the Top of the List

By performing these simple steps, you will be ensuring that your motorbike is road safe, and that you’re also feeling confident and comfortable in driving it.

Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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