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Reasons to hire professionals for waste clearance services in London

London – a big city, and even bigger ‘contribution’ to the total waste production in the UK.

The junk adds up to 3.7 million tons each year. When it’s empty, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa weighs half  a million tons; so we’re talking 7 times that amount, in waste, every year.

However, London has low recycling rates. When compared to other cities in the UK, London ranks far behind.

Now, what can you, as a commercial organisation, do your tiny bit to not be a part of the problem

You just need to take one simple step.

Engage professionals for waste clearance.

But that costs big bucks, right? Why would you want to spend money on waste?

Well, because…

(a) It doesn’t really cost that much. It is a cost-effective solution in most cases.

(b) There are many other benefits of hiring professionals and availing waste clearance services in London.

Here is How Professional Waste Clearance Services Save Costs

The one invisible cost you often fail to account for is – opportunity cost. The cost value of a certain choice is equal to the value of the benefits that you could have gained with the other choice.

Try and understand this in the context of professional waste clearance services.

If you are a big fan of DIY and feel that you can handle the waste clearance and management, you’d spend time doing that. And you could have used that time in evaluating your business’ process bottlenecks, gathering feedback from your customers, motivating your employees, understanding their concerns and resolving them or anything else for that matter.

And when you spend time handling waste clearance, you are losing the chance to spend time doing something productive. That is a huge opportunity cost.

Plus, you’d hire manpower for waste clearance. And pay the workers a monthly salary. Even for the days when you don’t really need waste clearance.

Professional waste clearance services, on the other hand, would charge you for only the services that they offer you.

Thereby, saving both time and money is possible with professional waste clearance services.

Other Reasons for Hiring Professional Clearance Services in London

When you hire professionals for waste clearance services in London, you benefit in more ways. Some of which aren’t too obvious. Here are the top reasons for hiring professionals and ditching the DIY drill –

Proper waste management

What you call ‘waste’ can be segmented into multiple categories. E-waste, green waste, to organic waste and hazardous waste, waste can be categorised in many ways.

And all these different types of wastes need to be managed and disposed of in different ways.

Do you have the time for segregation?

Do you have the expertise for all categories of waste management?

Do you want to cause more harm to the environment by not carrying out proper waste segregation and management?

No, right?

The only solution?

Hire professionals and get the job done in a jiffy.

Maintain Health and Safety

You might not always realise that you are dealing with hazardous wastes. Items of routine use – that’s stuff like print solvents, car oils, brake fluids and batteries – are hazardous.

And without professional know-how disposing of these waste materials is a huge risk.

It’s not just hazardous wastes and their inherent risks. You are also exposed to harm like cuts, bruises and back stains if you don’t handle wastes in the right way.

So, waste, if not managed, is a health hazard waiting to hit you. And waste managed without professional know-how is a hazard of equal measure.

Professional waste cleaners have training and experience in managing all sorts of waste. And they will clear all the junk from your premises of waste without anyone getting sick, injured and hurt.

Improving your Brand Image

Social responsibility isn’t something you can run from. And you need to make sure that you send out positive signals, even when it comes to waste management.

Your customers don’t just judge you on the basis of your services. Seemingly trivial matters like how clean your premises is and how you carry out waste management shape your customer’s perception of your brand.

When you hire professionals for waste clearance services in London, you can rest assured that your premises will be spick and span. And your contribution to proper waste management in the city won’t go unnoticed.

You can think of professional waste clearance services as a well-deserved investment in keeping both your premises and your brand image clean and shining.

Your Waste Is Recycled

From the list of top 10 councils with the lowest recycling rates, 5 are in London.

The only way to get rid of materials like plastic, rubber tires and the like is to recycle them. These non-decomposable waste items can pose a great threat to the environment if not optimally managed.

However, you aren’t the only one to be blamed. You have other stuff to manage. You cannot schedule a daily trip to multiple recycling centres to ensure all the waste that your organisation produces gets recycled.

But, what you can do is hire professionals for rubbish removal in London. Waste clearance service providers are likely to recycle the wastes after segregation.

This way, you can ensure that the waste doesn’t land up at all the wrong places. It would be recycled, and you’d be ultimately contributing to the global good.

Making the final call

Just like you hire marketing specialists for marketing, accountants for accounting and several other specialised service providers for reliable services, you need to hire professionals for taking waste away the right way.

While it is obvious that going high on DIY can seem an enticing option, you know it won’t do you any good. You don’t know its true cost. You won’t do it half as nicely as professionals. And your customers will know it immediately when they go to a competitor’s premise, where professionals take care of the waste clean up.

Ask a rubbish removal or professional cleaning services for a quote. It’s cost-effective, eco-friendly, safe, sustainable, and time-saving. It’s a no-brainer.

Dinesh Kumar VM

Dinesh Kumar VM, SEO & Digital PR Manager at ClickDo. Has Expertise in Google Ads, Facebook Ads & Remarketing. Wrote & Published many books related to SEO & Digital Marketing.

Dinesh Kumar VM
Dinesh Kumar VM
Dinesh Kumar VM, SEO & Digital PR Manager at ClickDo. Has Expertise in Google Ads, Facebook Ads & Remarketing. Wrote & Published many books related to SEO & Digital Marketing.

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