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REVEALED: Top Seasonal Marketing Ideas for Your Business

As the winter months commence, there are many national days and seasonal events that lie ahead. With the build-up to Christmas, now is more important than ever for businesses to invest in some unique marketing ideas.

Of course, not all days are applicable to every business. However, numerous days are coming up that businesses can not only celebrate but profit from too – you just need an effective marketing campaign. With this in mind, we discuss some innovative tips that businesses can use to help make the most out of their winter marketing campaigns.

Cyber Monday madness

The most chaotic day of the year when it comes to online purchases, Cyber Monday is something that the majority of businesses can benefit from this November 30th.

Since many of us now opt for online shopping instead of the high-street, be sure to place an emphasis on the marketing of your website. For example, rather than wait a day before Cyber Monday to launch your products page, give customers a sneak-peak for what is to come several weeks before the actual day. That way, your online users will be encouraged to place your products on the top of their Cyber Monday shopping list.

You can also use Cyber Monday as a way to improve your communication with your customers. Add a pop-up questionnaire to your campaign a few weeks before the main event to gain a further understanding as to what your customers would like to see discounted on Cyber Monday. This could be incredibly effective for businesses that sell more expensive products, such as jewellery or electronics. Questionnaires on your site that ask customers what type of products they have been waiting to see the price tag drop on creates the impression that you’re letting them be in charge of Cyber Monday!

Cutting costs and saving the environment on Christmas Day  

Perhaps the most anticipated day of the year, Christmas Day provides an atmosphere of joy, happiness, and optimism. Focus your marketing campaign in the build-up to Christmas on your environmental responsibility. For example, promote a scheme whereby for every recyclable item a customer brings to the store, they receive a discount on their Christmas food shopping. Not only does this promote your environmental values but also the cost-cutting methods you’re offering this Christmas.

Other than Christmas food, the e-commerce industry can also make the most out of this festivity. For the likes of clothing stores, home appliance providers, or even electrical retailers, you could create a virtual gift guide for your online readers. For example, if you’re a clothing store, you could style an outfit including everything from jeans to a t-shirt to shoes, and sell it for a bundle price. Since it tends to be a struggle for all of us at times to find a gift that our family or friends will make use out of, market your campaign to show that you have done the hard work already! To wrap the campaign up nicely, be sure to promote the additional gift wrap packaging you can add on for just a small added fee.

New Year’s marketing resolutions

As far as New Year’s resolutions go, it’s fair to say we as a nation don’t have a reputation for sticking to them. However, show your customers some support with their goals through an inspirational marketing campaign.

For the likes of gyms and fitness centres, it’s important to motivate your customers all year round. Rather than them hearing the same old inspirational quotes, let the public voice theirs. By using your social media channels, websites, or even email campaigns, set up an ‘inspirational quote’ competition for your customers to take part in. Not only will this encourage your online activity, but your customers have the power to make it go viral! May the best quote win.

Since many people set their New Year’s resolution to become more organised, the likes of stationery shops could be at a marketing advantage when it comes to this. Market items such as calendars, office or school folders, and notebooks to put organisation at the heart of your advertising. TV advertisements or social media posts could read: ‘Plan your 2021 with our stationery range and achieve your New Year’s resolution the organised way’ to give your products a central purpose.

There is no limit as to what can be customised with a New Year’s touch. Consider the corner shop favourite, the double slush machine, for example. Make a fresh start with a fresh new slushie range, bringing in an array of new colours and flavourings to welcome in the New Year.  

There are an abundance of national days and events your business can use to financially benefit from all year round. As the world continues to live through difficult and seemingly unpredictable times, it’s vital that businesses take every opportunity they can this winter to encourage customers and drive sales.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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