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5 Reasons Brighton Businesses Need Self Storage

Small businesses thrive in Brighton. The city’s focus on creativity and innovation make it a hotbed for new ideas. There are over 13,000 SMEs in varying fields and disciplines. From self-employed freelancers to young start-ups, you can find just about anyone here.

One of the main challenges is finding commercial space. With such a high concentration of young businesses, these rentals go by quick. You either have to catch it as soon as it hits the market or settle for something less ideal. Not everyone can be so lucky.

Brighton’s Self Storage Facilities

The best solution for Brighton businesses is to look for self storage facilities. Whether you have an online business or a store in High Street – the extra space can do wonders. Check out 5 Online Business ideas here. A self-storage facility in Brighton can be a place for your records, files, stocks, and furniture. Here are the top 5 reasons for why you need a business self storage:

It Keeps Costs Down

Brighton is one of the most expensive cities in the UK. It has a high cost of living and an even higher property rate. Given its prime location near the coast, it isn’t difficult to see why. Hotels, resorts, boutiques, pubs, and vacation homes – they all flock to the beach. Brighton is definitely a hot spot for commercial and residential real estate.

Small to medium enterprises generally struggle to find an affordable place. Most try to work from home to avoid adding to the expenses. Businesses that do manage to find a commercial space have to pay high fees.

Self storage is a great way to get the space you need without paying expensive rates. Several factors affect the price of commercial spaces:

1. Square footage

2. Facilities

3. Location

If you have a store in a high-traffic area or an office near the main street, expect it to have higher rates. Location matters especially when it comes to real estate. Renting a self storage unit in Brighton would be cheaper than renting a larger place on High Street. If your main service doesn’t need on-site space, why bother moving? Get a storage unit instead.

They have different size options at different price points. You only have to pay for what you need. They also offer flexible payment plans with great incentives. When you add it up, it is a lot cheaper to get a unit.

Learn other cost-cutting tips here: 5 Money-Saving Practices To Help Businesses Prepare For Another Lockdown.

It Offers Top-Notch Security

Self storage facilities have extensive security measures. 24/7 CCTV cameras, guards, alarms, and strict policies are always in place. When you keep your inventory, spare computers and furniture in your unit, they are sure to be in good hands.

Other alternatives won’t give you the same results. Think about it. If you were to set up your own warehouse, you’d have a ton of additional costs. Paying the rent, cost of CCTV installations, and monthly wages for a security guard? You might be able to have access anytime, but it’s too much. An established facility offers you everything you need.

It Allows You To Maximise Your Workspace

Most businesses might not acknowledge that they have a space problem. As long as everything fits right? Wrong. Given the floor plan sizes in the UK – everybody needs more space. When you invest in a self storage unit, you can maximise the utility of your store/office.

Try to break down your square footage.

  1. How much space is being used by your employees? Cubicles, desks, break room etc.
  1. How much space does your office supplies take up? Your printer, copier, watercooler, computers, etc.
  1. How much space do you use for your inventory and supplies? Paper, ink, spare pens, products, promotion material etc.

In summary? It’s a lot. If your spaces are impeding on more than one job, you need a storage unit. There are many examples of this:

It’s when your break room doubles as inventory storage. Or when you have a section of the office filled with old furniture and tech. You aren’t utilising efficiently what you have on hand.

Maximising your workspace means investing in pieces that can help with your productivity. Like creating a break room where your employees can recharge. Or additional equipment to help streamline tasks like getting another printer and copier. With a self storage unit, you can declutter your office, and create space for the things you need.

Moving your clutter to a separate site also helps with employee morale. Clutter can negatively affect people’s mental health. It reduces productivity and encourages procrastination. What kind of business owner would want that on company time?

Learn to make your ideal office space: Creating a Business Space: Conducive To Productivity.

It Minimises Unnecessary Contact

Businesses that deal with confidential materials or high-value items can get a lot out of a unit. Since they are in a separate location, it automatically limits who has access to these items. Businesses with a long history of in-house theft can greatly benefit from this system.

It Is A Great Contingency Plan

Storage facilities usually hold spare items. You can keep just about anything as long as they comply with rules and regulations. The most common items in business units are tables, chairs, computers, and supplies. If there are any accidents, you can have a replacement on hand. After all, an outdated printer is better than none at all.

At the same time, a unit can hold your belongings in between moves or business dry spells. If you need to suddenly downsize, you don’t have to get rid of everything in one go. 

Regardless of what industry you are in, self storage can be an excellent investment. Improving productivity? Expanding your business? Better value for money? It ticks off everything on the list. There is no better way to get the space you need than a unit – especially when you are a small business.

Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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