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5 Tips For Beginners/Kids To Improve Their Chess This Winter By Anatoly Machulsky

Beginners who play chess have an excellent opportunity during the winter holidays to spend a little more time on their favorite hobby. In this article, we propose some activities for beginners to use the time they dedicate to chess in the best way.

Tips for beginners to improve their chess this winter:

Review your chess games played during the year:

The chess games that beginners play during the competitions in which they participate should be reviewed as soon as possible. 

But we already know that with studies, homework, extracurricular activities and other obligations, they do not always have time for it. Winter can be an excellent time to analyze those games that beginners have played and have not yet reviewed. 

“This work can be done with their teachers or chess monitors, but beginners who do not have a chess teacher can indeed spend part of their time trying to find errors in their games.” explains Anatoly Machulsky

One of the benefits of chess is that it gives you the ability to learn from your own mistakes, but this requires investing a little time.

Participate in tournaments

In winter too many chess tournaments abound as well as other chess competitions in which beginners can also participate.

Attend a chess winter/summer camp

Anatoly Machulsky continues: “Over time the offer of winter/summer chess camps has increased. These chess camps are a right occasion for children to learn and have fun.”

In most camps, in addition to receiving chess classes and being able to play many games, children have the opportunity to do other parallel leisure activities. They are also a good meeting point where you can meet other children who love chess.

Organize the study of chess:

Children who are going to spend time studying chess during the winter/summer should plan this work first to optimize that work most appropriately. 

To do this, they must divide their time realistically and trying to cover the different phases of the game. Going over the opening repertoire is sure to be a good idea, but don’t forget the midgame and the endgame. 

To improve in the middle game, it is always good to spend some time solving tactical problems. Also, to improve the calculation, as indicated in the article dedicated to improving tactics.

Watching challenging games and trying to find the best continuations, move by move, can be a good exercise for children to improve their chess.

Set future goals

And with the end of the school year, it would not be a bad thing to look back and see how chess has gone during the year, take stock and, above all, set new goals for the following season. 

Those goals must be realistic and do not necessarily have to be linked to sports results. A child may set the goal of participating in a certain number of tournaments, reading individual books, or practising on the internet relatively frequently.

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