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Business travel to Holland? Consider a car rental

Travelling for business is often considered intensive and tough. Running from meeting to meeting, arriving at your hotel late and start preparing for your next day. The hassle already starts when you leave your home. Rushing to the airport, queuing for security and waiting for the plane to take off… not the best way to start a hectic week of business meetings. Luckily there are innovative companies that are looking to take some of that stress away. Car rental Holland is one of these examples that show how it should be done. Let’s look at how they are making business travel great again.

Car rental Holland: click and go

You can book your car via the Internet and select your preferred method of pick-up. There is a special valet rental option that is often enjoyed by business travellers. When you arrive at Amsterdam Schiphol airport and head to the exit of the terminal, you will be welcomed by a car rental representative. He/she will guide you to the car that will wait for you directly outside of the terminal. After a quick check you can immediately drive off to your meeting or hotel.

Transparent pricing

With the emergence of the Internet and price comparison websites, it is important to be transparent. This is exactly what car rental Hollandis striving for. Companies that offer car rental services are open about pricing and potential additional fees. With a quick search on the Internet you know exactly what you can expect. Pricing is also dependent on your needs. There are cars that are small in size, but you could also choose a more convenient larger car. You can filter on these preferences and find the exact car that suits your needs.

Service of a taxi but at a better price

Taxi services in Holland are very expensive. For a short ride you easily spent more than 30 euros. This makes the use of these services very unattractive for travellers that come to the country. Public transport is another option that can be considered. Pricing is attractive and the infrastructure is sufficient. The only difficulty is the penetration throughout the country. Some places are quite hard to get to, requiring a taxi from the train station or ride a bicycle to reach your destination. This makes renting a car the best alternative for business travellers visiting the country.

Airports to consider in The Netherlands

The airport of Amsterdam is not the only option to consider. There is also rent a car Eindhoven airport that poses as an appealing option for business travellers. The airport is mostly utilised by low-cost carriers, making it possible to travel for competitive prices. Since the fixed costs of rental companies here are also lower, the prices of a rental car are also more appealing. If you are flying from within Europe, it can be an interesting alternative for Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport.

Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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