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Can Playing Games Improve Your Business Acumen?

Games can be a great credit to your business acumen.

Whether it’s new skills or a fresh perspective on any dilemmas in your personal or professional life, there’s a lot to learn from the pixels onscreen.

Today, the consensus around games is becoming more positive with every passing day. It’s now an industry making billions upon billions, and it’s undoubtedly a permanent part of cultures around the globe. At this point, any businessperson worth their salt would sit up and take notice.

How has this been done?

Consequently, it’s worth thinking about games in a new light, and how they can flesh out your business acumen.

Learn To Make Quick Decisions About How To Spend Your Time

There’s a multitude of games to play out there, but time is money if you’re leading your own venture.

As such, you need a quick way to sift your way through the range of choices available to you. There’s only one way to do this; through business reviews. There’s a lesson behind every impression.

For example, if you want a comprehensive list of all the best online casinos to dabble in, visit onlinecasinos.co.uk. They list all the best of their kind out there, prioritising the safety of their readers while keeping fun factors in mind also. If people look out for each other here, then everyone can gamble with safe and responsible peers and friends without any trepidations. These reviews are not about gloating or boasting – they’re referrals are tailored with fairness and ethics in mind. 

The reviews of games can not only save you time but teach you the importance of your own reputation. People’s assessment of your business can boost customer interaction, enhance your credibility, build trust, and legitimise you in whatever market or industry you’re working. They also put customers at ease and give them peace of mind.

What do you look for as a reader of a review, and how can you feed those desires into your own business? If a quick review can help you enjoy the best games out there in a flash, imagine the power they could have over your company.

Get Transferable Skills

Running a business requires no end of problem-solving skills, and a whole host of others too.

Of course, most games make similar demands for the player to succeed. This is where the endless series of transferable skills come into effect between work and play, improving things like reaction times, teamworking, and how you assimilate information. In many corporate circles, such talents are invaluable, and carry many companies into a prosperous future.

In 2017, a University of Glasgow trial also found that video games improved communication, resourcefulness, and adaptability skills, which further illustrates just how impactful these types of mediums can be. Even online casinos encourage strategic thinking, analytical skills, and smart risk-taking. A CEO and a gamer largely have the same mindset, all that changes is what these skills are focused upon. 

If you’re in the position of hiring any young graduates, it is a good idea to ask them about the types of games they enjoy. It will put many of them at ease and increase the likelihood of them warming to the interview process, while also giving you the chance to discern their interests and what abilities they like to fine tune through these mediums. It’s a perfect question that will make a candidate lower their guard, which is the perfect time to gauge who they really are once their front is peeled back.   

Looking beneath the surface of any person or situation can be incredibly rewarding for your firm Anything that keeps wits sharp is to be commended, so keep that in mind and think outside the box when moving forward. You might tap into something other employers have missed, and bag key talent the ignorant would snub.

Cool Narratives and Imagery

There are transferable skills between the game and the worker, but there are also similarities at play between games and business in general.

After all, games are derived from businesses, so many of the same thought processes are applied to their creation too. They’re not silly little things – they’re products.

For example, there are many virtues in video game storytelling that are also present in marketing and advertising. Writing styles, setting a tone, selling experiences, articulating a journey – these are all things that are ever-present in both spheres. After all, games are an art form and a creative medium, and the absolute best of them have no problems drawing players into different worlds and ways of thinking. That too, is what marketing and advertising should achieve, to a point!

How does the game use graphics and imagery to develop an atmosphere? What do the fonts and colours communicate? How do iconic game characters serve as effective mascots for a brand? There’s a lot for you to analyse here that can be applied to your own business. What seems like fun and funky designs made on a whim are precisely contrived, so don’t underestimate their power!

Relax and Reset

It might seem redundant to say that games are fun, but it’s a point that cannot be overlooked.

The world of work is incredibly stressful for all, regardless of whether you’re a CEO or a shelf stacker. Most people put 100% into the job they have, and work tirelessly to appease their ambition or to make ends meet.

Anything that helps people unwind and get through the hard times will, inevitably, improve their work performance moving forward. Under lockdown the use of video games has skyrocketed, with more players than ever flocking to their machines to put the real world on pause briefly. You can only be productive in work after you’ve used your breaks well, and games will help your mind and soul reset in times of need.

Tapping into this with your workforce shows that you understand them on a personal level also. Consoles in break rooms, sharing poker anecdotes, or having quick discussions about Fantasy Football leagues with colleagues – it all unites and relaxes people and helps them find common ground. Positive working relationships will follow soon after.


There’s a lot to be learnt and enjoyed from games of all kinds. Tapping into all their benefits, and the skills they can help players develop, will no doubt be a savvy business decision. After all, their industry must be doing something right if they’re earning jaw dropping amounts of money. Give them a try; at best you’ll garner a fresh perspective on business, and at worst you’ll have fun and unwind. What is there to lose?

Claire James
Claire Jameshttp://www.firedigitaluk.com
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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