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How to Accurately Measure the Impact of PR on Your E-Commerce?

Monitoring your PR performance is the most critical step in measuring how effective your PR strategies are. Measuring your performance requires you to have your business goals in mind because that is the only way to check if the approach you put in place has yielded the desired results.

How can you measure your PR performance?

Through measuring and monitoring your social media platforms

You have been creating lots of content to promote your brand. The main goal for the various communication campaigns was to get your target audience talking about you and the products or services you bring to the table.

That does not end there. You must come back and measure how well received your content was (or not). Was it good enough? Did you connect with your audience? Did it stir up interest in them? Have people been talking? If your content stirs up a conversation, that is a good sign because it means you have grabbed their attention. With a few more cards, you should earn their trust.

The only way to know the impact of your social media PR strategy is by reading the comments of your audience, the number of likes and retweets. All these are a way to measure success or failure in the social media arena.

The traffic on your website

SEO comes in handy. Having all the right keywords positioned correctly on your web page and blog is vital. Your comment section should tell you how you are doing. You might utilize SEO tricks, but if your content is boring you are in for failure.

To understand your performance better, it is essential to look into the demographics in terms of age, gender, location and the device used most in accessing your website. This information will help you confirm which social media platforms add to the traffic. Such tools will help you notice new, returning and existing customers hence making your PR performance crystal clear.

Polling your sample target audience

To measure the impact of Performance PR activity, a market survey comes in handy. To achieve the best results, it is best to survey before and after campaigns. The rationale here is to create awareness and see the perceptions people have of your brand.  

It is vital to conduct the surveys during and after the promotion campaign. By so doing, you will be in a position to check on the impact the campaign had in promoting awareness.

Your backlinks number

As it is, backlinks are the best way to achieve high SEO rankings. They enhance high search engine ranks. With such high ranks, you can rest assured your campaign yielded fruits as more people got a taste of what you can give them. The key thing is to have some relevant and engaging content; otherwise, it might prove difficult to have any backlinks.

Ranking high for transactional keywords

If your keywords don’t rank high, it might affect your website because most of your content will remain inaccessible. It is vital to ensure total and proper usage of keywords because that’s how you increase organic traffic. By continually measuring your keyword rankings, you are able to tell how much traffic your website is going to get based on those keywords’ volumes.

Monitoring the media

It is vital to see how you are doing in the media (on- and offline). It is crucial to know what your target audience thinks of your promotion campaign. By so doing, you will know how your brand is perceived.

To wrap

Your PR impact is vital and must be taken with the seriousness it deserves. By keeping the above strategies in mind, measuring the effect of PR on your e-commerce should be easy.

Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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