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Top 6 Travelling Couples on Instagram to Follow in 2020

To decide on something interesting and unusual, some people need to get a good portion of inspiration, to saturate their dreams with beautiful pictures and put themselves in the shoes of other people. It is the most effective way for them to put aside doubts and buy plane tickets to the new country. If you belong to this type of person then the following traveling couples on Instagram will help you choose your next destination. In their profiles, you will find reviews from the most interesting and picturesque corners of our planet, their impressions, and sometimes even tips. However, if you dream about a joint trip with your beloved woman, don’t forget about meeting your girlfriend’s parents first.

1. Murad & Nataly Osmann


They are the most popular traveling couple in Russia and the whole world, even Forbes has included them in the top three Travel Influencers. The partners fly around the world, fulfilling their Instagram account with stylish marvelous pics. They have launched the “follow me” project, having started taking pics in which Nataly stands with her back to the camera and reaches out to her husband as if offering to follow her.

The guys admit that if Nataly is an active traveler who adores exploring new cities, then Murad is prone to contemplation. And very often she makes him go out for a walk. This feature has given the start to their project that brought them a huge number of admirers (more than 4 million) and worldwide fame. Over time, people have begun to take pics in their style and post them on Instagram with a #followmeto hashtag.

Of course, like any other marvelous work, their pics hide a tremendous preparation, starting with a developing of a new route, and finding an advanced guide to picking up an appropriate outfit and creating the image in general.

2. Peter & Zuzu


Peter and Zuzu worked together at an advertising agency in central Europe. One day they decided to change their place of work and residence. Thus, they have found themselves in Australia and begun to keep a photo diary of their travels. The pictures are diptych: Peter and Zuzu are photographing each other at the same moment in time.

Simultaneous “double” shooting is a difficult and unusual thing. The partners have to pick up places interesting from opposite angles. Nonetheless, they get stylish and atmospheric shots, and a whole world opens up behind them. A series of shots of the “Lens Between Us” project has gained great popularity on Instagram. The couple travels to Australia, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

3. Jeff & Angela


Jeff and Angela live on Lake Tahoe. They have a mobile home, 1974 Toyota-Chinook, on which they traveled all over America and Canada. Jeff loves fishing, and Angela adores paddle surfing. In 2013, the guys carried out a grand outing from the United States. In 8 months, they visited 20 countries in Europe and Asia. Last year, travelers took a journey to Northern Europe and Africa. By the way, champagne helps them cope with minor troubles on the road. Hence the name of the account in which Jeff and Angela describe their adventures with humor and love.

4. Alex & Lisa


Alex and Lisa are eternal newlyweds. Their honeymoon around the world has been going on for 5 years. They have known each other since childhood, which was held in the English county of Yorkshire. Having married, the guys decided that they want to see the world as well as experience the storm of emotions that accompanied their wedding. Thus, they have come up with a unique idea of ​​the journey.

They sold the house, bought a minivan and went on a long journey around the world, which began in Latin America. In each new country, they held a wedding ceremony according to local traditions. As a result, Lisa and Alex got married 71 times. And they are not going to stop there.

5. Julia & Anton

@keepeyesopen and @road_movies

Until the age of 27, Julia had a completely ordinary life: she worked in a Dior boutique and dreamed of becoming a fashion journalist. However, the trip to Nepal has changed everything. Julia came down from the Himalayas completely different and with a big dream – to see the world. She met Anton on this journey, and since then they have been traveling together. The couple is actively sharing everything on their Instagram, including life hacks and funny stories about Southeast Asia and South America.

Passion for fashion-journalism shows itself, thus, they manage to see something special in every new place and present it to the subscribers.

6. David & Intan


This is a traveling couple from the United States and Bali. Together, they travel the world and try to document some of the most beautiful countries with pictures, videos, and guides for other travelers. Their travel blog is becoming one of the most popular on the internet. David has been traveling full time for more than 5 years, and he has solo traveled almost every country in Asia and the Middle East. David and Intan are usually based in Bali or the United States, where they travel to nearby countries and visit waterfalls, beaches, caves, mountains, and more.

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