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Vision for Success and Success in Your Business – Your “WHY” by Sofiya Machulskaya

In the past, you might have thought that you could just “get by” in business and what you have now is a reflection of everything you’ve ever done before (well most of it anyway). Why is that? It’s a good question, and unfortunately, with this often recurring scenario in which you are just “sharing” what you have and “enjoying” what you’re “done with” or “done with.” It goes back to that golden rule of getting things done: If you don’t have a clear goal and end in view, you’ll expend energy that will just go right down the drain-permanently.

If you are having this type of situation, it may be because although you have a vision of the future, you don’t have a clear goal. Without knowing your “why” (why you have a goal of what you want or don’t you?) you’ll be free to just “skim the surface” of your vision. You likely even know where you want to go, you just don’t know how to ” landed to.” TheWebsite fronts that never connect with the heart.

If you have never written a “why” or “vision” for your business, do it now. Here’s the simple steps:

The most important part of creating your “why” or “Vision” for your business is to write the WHY first so that you’re in alignment with your internal guide, and the HOW (how you get there) through your thoughts and actions. “If you see it, believe it.” chants Sofiya Machulskaya. Use it when you make decisions that will impact your business. Use it to help you be a better leader in the direction of your desired destination. Knowing where you’re going is the role it plays in creating your “why.”

I could share my “how’s” but this is “drum roll” as I bring this out into the light of day. Winning business leaders are able to “ieve in the goal” every step of the way or at least, to know what it looks like so that they aren’t surprised by the unplanned situation when they like have a clear “why.”

Your “Why” vs. your “How”

Think about this for a minute. Are you the one who ” immigrants home to India to find that life wasn’t the exact same once you stopped hearing the Indian language, taught in your language for example. Or are you the person getting the “lowdown” as the problem child “to point out that you are making a lot of mistakes, which in your mind is along the lines of saying to yourself enough is enough for you to realize how bad a situation is. (What we call it, “inability to see or admit that what we are doing isn’t working per se. We’ve all done this and even worse, have gotten stuck with the “lack of direction” an or anything else)

Sofiya Machulskaya continues: “We all have a point of problem language that we play on a daily basis. It’s normal. When we break down our problem language or so that it comes out just right every time, we’re centered in what we are creating.” The language is a tool, a guide of who we are self and of who we are as a business owner, and it’s always changing, no matter what we want to believe.

Also, if there are discrepancies of belief from what you are “intrigued/a little bit connected” to, How does this help you move around, to the end of your thought process fast?

It doesn’t.

Don’t you know when your vision is actuallyCreating a vision that’s just not in alignment with the “how” you are doing things in your business?

Great leaders are created by great leaders and it’s very usual that when we’re “visioning” someone and yet, having less than the exact same clarity of purpose in our own lives, that we are also having a ambiguous or incomplete version of the larger picture.

You’re creating a vision that’s just ” Architect Navigating” something that won’t get you to that end point or your everyday tip “to the end,” or even as far as being honest with yourself when you’re not.

Which leads us to the next solution:

Tip #1:Make sure that your big picture is yours:

Here’s a secret and yes, it’s a secret because I have no idea where you got this from. There is a huge mental gap and a disconnect between what vision and mission are in the lives of many business owners and entrepreneurs.

That means you are doing little (or no) self-talk about what it is you really want. How to create and make this happen.

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