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A Glass Of Milk That Helps Boosting Immunity

No less than 74% of people over 35 years of age are very concerned about having a strong immune system, capable of defending their body from attack by infections and foreign substances.

An unsurprising piece of data revealed by the Omnibus 2020 survey. The question is: how to achieve it?

Immunology experts have developed a kind of magic formula: 0-5-30. It corresponds to zero tobacco (that substance creates an inflammatory response in the lungs and damages the immune system), five servings a day of fruit and vegetables (read Mediterranean diet, which includes nutrients that strengthen the defenses) and 30 minutes of physical exercise a day .

The problem is that, according to the specialists, we do not ingest all those substances that strengthen our defenses, and also not always in the quantities that are required.

It is revealed, for example, by the study of Anthropometry, Intake and Energy Balance in Spain (ANIBES), carried out by the Spanish Foundation for Nutrition and which has evaluated the intake of macronutrients and micronutrients.

His conclusion is resounding: the majority of the Spanish population has a series of nutritional deficiencies that affect several vitamins and minerals relevant to the proper functioning of the immune system.

Observing precisely those vitamin and mineral deficiencies that affect the majority of Spaniards, as well as the recommended intake of each of these elements, Pascual has carried out a detailed nutritional study and has created a milk that helps to strengthen the immune system : La Leche Pascual Salud.

“We have thoroughly studied the essential nutrients that help to strengthen the immune system of the Spanish adult population and are currently lacking in the diet, such as vitamins B9, B6, D and zinc”, underlines Elena Garea, director of Nutrition and Pascual’s health.

“And we have also studied the nutrients that, although they are not deficient, complement and play an important role in the immune system. In other words, vitamins A, B12 and selenium, which are reasonably present in a balanced diet, but due to their involvement in the immune system, their presence provides added value “

Greater quantity of nutrients in the most sustainable brick.Leche Pascual Salud incorporates these four deficit nutrients in the majority of the population. A single glass of this new milk contains at least 30% of the recommended daily intake of each of them.

But, in addition to vitamins B9, B6, D and zinc, Leche Pascual salud is also enriched with vitamins A and B12 as well as selenium, providing at least 15% of the latter elements that play an important role in maintaining defenses. powerful.

“We provide more of the nutrients with the greatest deficit in the population and a good percentage of those that are already covered, since all of them play an important role in caring for the immune system”, highlights Pascual’s Director of Nutrition and Health .

Experts, starting with the Spanish Federation of Nutrition, Food and Dietetics Societies, recommend consuming about three daily servings of milk or dairy products, a healthy food.

“In this way, a consumer can take advantage of the relevant position that milk has in food and cover other additional benefits such as taking care of their immune system”, highlights Elena Garea.

But in addition to being enriched with vitamins A, D, B6, B9 and B12 and the minerals zinc and selenium, all of which act on the immune system, Leche Pascual salud is presented in the most sustainable UHT brik container on the market, with a 89% of materials from renewable sources.

Thus, the consumer not only takes care of himself, but also takes care of the planet.

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