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An Airbnb dating with a panic button

At least from theory, the pandemic has been an obstacle to dating or simply to relate to other people. It has never been an easy task but now with masks and required distances it is a challenge.

The dating applications are a good way to meet people and in recent times, many who have shown their commitment to the development of new tools that make the safer experience .

Tinder and Badoo were pioneers in offering security functions for women and now the Spanish startup Kiki, in addition to putting a price on meetings, implements an SOS button to guarantee the safety of its users.

To ensure security, the user must verify their identity and can share their location during meetings. In addition, it has the SOS button in the app, which connects directly with the national emergency number.

The application, which was launched in Spain in April 2018, differs from others in that it shares a fee with its users. The person who wants to meet another, pays him a small amount in KiKi Coins in order to guarantee the meeting and, in return, the one who accepts it, wins up to 70% of those virtual currencies that he can invest in experiences with other users in establishments with which they have agreements.

30% keep the app. The appointment is guaranteed from the moment it is paid and does not depend on the reciprocity of the ‘matches’.

«We share the benefits with users, monetizing their free time. Users usually buy the 150 KiKi Coins package, with which they can make up to 15 invitations ”, says Rubén Juan, Co-Founder and CTO of the platform.

You have to register, with a photo, and enter basic information (name, age, tastes and hobbies). It works by geolocation, so you have to activate that option. The interface of the application is similar to that of any other of this type.

The platform offers the user several plans with different fixed rates: for example, have a coffee (5 euros), go to the cinema to see a movie (10 euros), have a drink (15 euros), share a dinner in a restaurant (20 euros) and even travel to another city (100 euros).

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