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Does Contact Centre Technology Enhance Customer Experience?

Customer experience in the UK is the lifeline of any business. When your customers’ needs and expectations are met, you’re more likely to improve customer satisfaction levels. This is important in predicting customer loyalty, retention and the product repurchase rate. Data gathered through customer interactions is critical in helping you improve or recreate customer experience. 

Although contact centre software helps to ensure customer interactions, that is not all. You can leverage this technology to improve customer experience in the UK. Here are five ways call centre technology can improve customer experience:

  • Contact centre software allows you to track employees’ performance

One of the challenges of running a call centre is being able to monitor the performance of your agents. Well, contact centre technology makes this possible for you to track your employees to ensure they’re performing according to the set standard. You can also use this software to identify problems your callers may be having as well as get insight into product enhancement and development.

  • Meet your customers’ needs

You can only improve customer experience when you have a good understanding of what they need. You can analyze the data generated from the contact centre solutions to establish what customers like about your service, the issues they are facing and the grey areas. Armed with this information you can then create a standard procedure that is tailored to address specific needs. Contact centre technology also helps to speed up the resolution process so that customers know you care about what they need.

  • Shortens onboarding period

When you bring in new agents, their attitude is critical to how they perceive the business. Call centre technology helps to manage the onboarding process so that they are efficient and effective when engaging callers and offering custom solutions to their issues. This technology gives new hires access to the information they need to seamlessly fit in your operations. You can use call recordings as to train and coach new hires on how to handle callers who call with certain needs. This minimizes chances of then being unable to address caller’s needs that have been previously addressed.  

  • Enhances communication with team members

Call centre technology presents a perfect opportunity for you to have constant communication with your employees. While they (agents) are constantly talking to callers and providing solutions to their concerns, you need to communicate with the agents regularly to understand the emerging issues and effect necessary changes for your procedures. This is important because it boosts their motivation.

Why Improve Customer Experience?

You have likely spent some time designing customer feedback especially if you have a call centre. This is a sure way of ensuring you maintain customer expectations and retention. Here are three reasons why you should improve customer experience in the UK:

Increase up-selling and cross-selling. When customers are satisfied with how your agents responded to their concerns, they will become repeat customers. Moreover, when talking to clients on the telephone you are likely to identify an opportunity to upsell. 

Improve customer satisfaction. One of the reasons why businesses invest in having a call centre is to draw in more business. When clients can talk to your agents at any time of the day and have their issues handled, they will have a higher level of customer satisfaction that will result in more business not just from them but also others.

Better customer retention. Customers appreciate it when you show a level of concern for their needs. When customers are impressed by the customer experience they receive, they soon become raving fans that are guaranteed to give you repeat business. 

The importance of contact centres in enhancing customer experience in the UK can’t be overlooked. You need to have the right tools to stay ahead by having a team that is trained and can identify the needs of clients or improvements. With the fast-changing nature of technology, you need to consider investing in  Contact centre as a Service (CCaaS) solution. This means that you only purchase the technology that you need and you can access it from wherever you are. 

Consequently, you don’t have to worry about making significant investments whenever there is a software upgrade. Moreover, these options let you save on money you’d have spent on IT infrastructure and support staff yet you’re still able to tap into all the benefits of using the software and more. When you invest in contact centre software from a reputable provider, you can be sure to turn around customer experience for your clients for good.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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