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Domestika’s Online Courses For A Safe Returning To School

The online courses Domestika are a great option to complement training in this strange return to the school.

With the shadow of a new confinement over our heads due to the rebound in COVID-19 cases throughout the Spanish geography, online training is configured as an option to take into account.

With thousands of courses of all kinds at very low prices, Domestika allows training to be carried out at the pace of each person, making it perfect to combine with the workday or university studies.

At a time when we probably have to stay more at home than we would like, taking advantage of our free time to learn about the things we are most passionate about is a fantastic opportunity to make the new normal more bearable.

Due to the wide variety of courses available , surely there are some that we are interested in following, either to improve our employability or simply to find a new hobby or a creative skill on which to focus our time.

What is Domestika?
Domestika is much more than an online course platform . At the beginning, Domestika was simply a community of members of the creative industry in all its different fields.

These creative professionals shared their knowledge and learned from each other to become one of the communities with the greatest growth and projection.

While their forums became places of shared knowledge and the most interesting projects were shared, some of the best job offers also began to emerge that gave rise to the current section, one of the most interesting to find jobs in the creative sector .

Continuing with the founding idea, a few years ago Domestika began to design and produce different online courses with its best professionals. Currently, the Domestika community is the largest community of online creatives who participate in the project through their online courses, by offering jobs or sharing their experiences and creative processes.

To this day, Domestika is the largest creative platform in Spain with courses of all kinds, projects and offers that allow you to learn from home with all the facilities.

One of the advantages of Domestika’s courses for this back to school is its 100% online nature. These courses are carried out directly from the Domestika user profile, so to do them it is only necessary to have a good internet connection.

Also, once you purchase a course, you can do it whenever you want. The courses Domestika not expire and you will always have the material at your disposal if you need to keep an eye on anything.

This means that there are no deadlines or dates, you can start, pause or continue the course at any time, depending on your availability.

For this reason, Domestika courses are highly demanded by professionals and parents. They are courses that adapt to the little free time they have, being able to do more or less according to the personal circumstances of each one.

This is not to say that there is no feedback. Each course has its own internal community, which allows interaction and learning with the rest of the students who have acquired it at some point and with the teacher himself. This creates an ideal place to exchange ideas, ask for advice, share work or even publish the final project of the course.

The teachers are professionals from the creative sector with extensive experience in what they teach. Their job will be to guide the student through different online lessons in which there will be space to share their knowledge, influences, techniques and even their career.

Through video lessons, homework and explanatory texts, you will have all the necessary resources and complementary documents to carry out the final project of each course.

As we have already mentioned, the only requirement is to have a profile in the community , which is very easily created through Facebook, Google or with a username and password, to have a device with an internet connection.

Although for some courses it is more convenient to do it on a PC, there are also others that you can do without problem from your mobile phone or tablet, through the Domestika app .

How to take free courses at Domestika?
Due to the current situation with the coronavirus, Domestika has made different free courses available to users under its # QuédateEnCasa initiative .

In the previous link you have the available courses, which are changing, and which allow you to learn about different aspects within the creative and digital field.

For example, at the time of writing this article, the basic techniques of gastronomic photography course , the creation of 3D animated short films for social networks or the digital illustration course: create from your imagination , among other different options, is available.

Unlike paid courses, these courses do not require registration and you can directly access their videos. Of course, in return they do not allow access to the certificate, forums or direct contact with teachers.

To do this, you will have to buy the course, getting all the material in perpetuity.

In any case, they are a good opportunity to get closer to this creative platform and have a first contact with the content at no cost.

In this way we can check how the courses are and see if we are interested in acquiring these or similar ones for payment, to enjoy all their great additional benefits.

The online courses Domestika are divided into categories, areas and software, so that the user can easily find the courses of interest by filtering the option that interests you.

Regarding the categories , Domestika has nine different options: illustration, marketing and business, photography and video, design, 3D and animation, craft, architecture and spaces, technology and calligraphy and typography.

The areas , meanwhile, are divided into illustration, photography, digital illustration, animation, fine arts, graphic design, 3D, character design and drawing.

Finally, the programs section offers courses in the following software : Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Lightroom, Cinema 4D, Maya, Camera Raw, Adobe InDesing and Procreate.

Looking at all the categories, areas and software available we can realize the great variety of fields that are touched within the creative industries, with many learning options adaptable to each profile.

In addition, in the description of each course you can see the level, if it is a beginner, medium or advanced course, so that you can choose the one that corresponds to your level of knowledge.

400 courses at a maximum price of € 11.90
If there are any of these categories that interest you especially, you are in luck because the second Domestika sales are currently underway.

There is a selection of 400 different courses for a maximum price of € 11.90, so it is very economical to find one to learn what we need.

Some of the most interesting options right now in the field of editing are the Introduction to Avid Media Composer course or the Introduction to Sketch course , both for € 9.90.

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