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How Much Money Should I Take on a Trip to Italy?

Italy is a beautiful country and welcomes a plethora of visitors yearly. However, thanks to its natural charm, ancient sites and delicious cuisine, it doesn’t make for a cheap break away. When planning for your trip, you’ll need to plan your spending accordingly.

Getting Around

Even though there are plenty of parts of Italy which lend themselves to walking and discovering the sights, you’ll need to plan costs for different kinds of transport. Whether this involves taking public transport to reach certain spots, or getting boats to explore the smaller islands. Or even just getting taxis in the evening. Plan an itinerary and figure out you’re going to get around.  Escorted tours to Italy can help you see the best sights in the country. Plus, it can cut down on your planning time.


Accommodation is going to be one of your biggest expenses. The average price for one person for accommodation in Italy is €64. There are plenty of places you can stay. A hotel can be centrally based, with helpful staff to help you with queries. Air bnbs might feel more authentic, and allow you to prepare meals. You think to think about what kind of experience you want from your trip, and your accommodation can reflect this. It’s worth noting that Italian hotels now charge a tourist fee. It is not a big cost but needs to be accounted for.

Entry Fees

There are so many beautiful sights in Italy. Whether you’re staying in one place or hoping to travel across the country, your sightseeing list will be long. You’ll need to research the entry fee for each place you’re planning on visiting, as the costs can drastically differ depending on where it’s located. When you’re thinking about where you want to go, you need to ask yourself what sort of things would you like to see? The history of Rome, the fashion in Milan, or the vibrance of Venice. Each place requires a different budget, so you need to factor your funds in.

Dining Out

You can’t visit Italy and not try authentic Italian food. You’ll likely be dining out for every meal, so your food and drink is going to be a big part of your budget. You should be aware that the restaurants and bars nearest the tourist spots charge more money. Italians are not big tippers. Service in restaurants is usually included, and if not 10% is considered an acceptable tip. If you’re picking up a coffee before your sightseeing, you can leave a little change.

Italy is the kind of country which charms any visitor. It is not the cheapest of European destinations, but saving up to get there is definitely worth it. Where in Italy would you like to go?

Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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