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Microserfin Only Entity In Panama Within PAR Latin America

Recently Aequales, an organization that promotes the labor empowerment of women, announced the results of the Raking PAR 2020, where Microserfin, the Panamanian entity of the BBVA Microfinance Foundation (Fmbbva) has positioned itself as the only private company in Panama that participates in said gender measurement at the regional level.

According to the results of the 2020 ranking, the entity is above the Latin American average in the Human Talent management categories (Average Microserfin 57.20% vs. Average Latam 43.96%) and organization structure (Average Microserfin 55.20% vs. Latam Average 52.63%).

Gissele González de Domínguez, president of the Board of Directors of Microserfin, said that “in Microserfin, as part of the Fmbbva, we have a commitment to the economic empowerment of women that is why we are attached to all the effort we make in favor of An urban and rural microentrepreneur from each of the countries that make up the Foundation, we also share a business strategy in which we are committed to a culture of internal gender equality ”.

“Part of that internal strategy is reflected in concrete actions carried out by Microserfin, such as being signatories of the principles for the Empowerment of Women – WEPs for its acronym in English, adhering to the Gender Parity Initiative and our participation in the Raking PAR, a tool that has allowed us to be the only Panamanian entity to have this measurement to strengthen corporate policies on gender equality and improve opportunities for advancement for women in the workplace, ”added Domínguez.

Microserfin, the only entity in Panama within the PAR Latin America 2020 Ranking

The Latin American PAR Ranking is an instrument that allows a diagnosis of the progress of public, private and social organizations in the Latin American region to close gender gaps, its objective is to generate comparative data of Latin America in terms of equity of corporate gender and in turn provide data for decision-making in the workplace with a gender perspective.

This year the measurement was carried out on 779 organizations, entities and companies of the public and private sector in Latin America based on four pillars: Management of objectives, organizational culture, organizational structure and management of human talent.

Currently, in Microserfin’s senior management, women represent 44% and at the general level of its workforce, 42.38% is made up of them in positions of managers, supervisors, credit counselors, among others.

The entity, in addition to its internal equity strategy, pays special attention to women through an offer of value, which contributes to the economic empowerment of women microentrepreneurs in Panama, whose role is fundamental for the development of their families, their environment, sustainable and inclusive growth and poverty reduction in the country.

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