Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Minu Will Bring Financial Education To More Workers

In an effort to bring more financial education to more workers, the Mexican startup specialized in payroll advances Minu announced the launch of its Academy of Financial Education to ensure that more employees have a better management of their finances and their relationship with their pocket.

During the virtual presentation, Rafael Niell, one of the founders of the platform, explained that this initiative is a joint effort to bring more information on this topic to more companies and workers.

He stressed that to address this type of content in a specialized way, they collaborated with the Cooltura Financiera financial education platform to jointly develop different materials on finance, savings and investment issues and ensure that people better manage their money.

Niell explained that they detected this need to offer this type of content when different companies approached them to ask them to provide more information or details about the management of personal finances to their collaborators.

Regarding the Minu Academy , Niell specified that this type of content will be divided into three areas through courses, fairs and talks, implementing different interactive tools such as videos, capsules and webinars where they will develop topics such as debt, savings, investment and planning.

He added that with this type of information they will not seek to remain only in the digital part, but plan to organize a Financial Health Fair for each company to hold an event a year within its facilities once sanitary conditions allow it.

While on the subject of plastic they seek to be through monthly webinar to address different issues and doubts of workers about the relationship with their pocket.

This type of content, he said, will be taught free of charge to those companies that are subscribed to the services offered by the payroll advance platform.

In turn, Nima Pourshasb, general director of Minu, pointed out that sometimes workers are forced to request a loan when in reality what they want is to have liquidity to face any debt, so in that case the best thing is ask for an advance on your next payroll for being money worked and that have been earned.

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