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Myths About Adult Braces & Invisalign Debunked

As people realise the benefits of having braces or Invisalign, the number of people requesting them has increased. Braces and Invisalign remain one of the best options when it comes to straightening the teeth, and it is easy to see why a lot of people who want a better smile would want to get them. However, if you are looking to get braces or Invisalign from your dentist, you are likely to come across some myths that might seem true but that are not. Below, we are going to look at some of the most common braces and Invisalign myths and help you understand whether there is any truth to them.

Orthodontic Treatment Takes a Long Time

This used to be true, but it no longer is. There are so many innovations and improvements that have been made in the world of orthodontics that braces and aligners are not only more comfortable and effective, but the treatments are also shorter. The clear advantage is that you do not have to wear Invisalign or braces forever but will instead have them removed within six months to two years.

If you already had braces or Invisalign but need help after a relapse from your previous treatment, a dentist can create a limited plan to get you back on track instead of starting all over again.

One thing to be aware of is that everybody is different, which makes every treatment plan different. You should be aware of products that promise to get you the results you sell in a shorter time. Your teeth will never know what types of braces or materials were used during the alignment, they will only adhere to the pressure placed on them, which is determined by the dentist depending on your goals, state of your teeth, and other factors.

Braces and Invisalign Only Offer Cosmetic Benefits

There are indeed lots of cosmetic benefits that come from getting braces or Invisalign. These include a straighter, gorgeous smile, and improved facial appearance. However, braces and Invisalign have other benefits beyond their cosmetic benefits.

One of the benefits of getting braces or Invisalign is that they both can help reduce the risk of tooth decay. When the teeth are overlapping, crooked or spaces too far apart, they become harder to clean, which can make it harder to remove debris, plaque, and bacteria when brushing. Plaque directly leads to tooth decay, cavities, and sensitivity in some cases. By moving teeth into ideal positions, braces and Invisalign make it easy to clean them, thereby helping reduce the risk of tooth decay.

Getting your teeth straightened using braces and Invisalign also leads to clearer speech. Remember that the teeth direct the flow of air and influence the movement of the tongues as we speak, which means they are largely responsible for how clear we sound. Orthodontic treatment that places your teeth in the right position can make airflow easier through and out the mouth as we speak, and also allow the tongue to move freely so we can speak better.

The breakdown of food starts in the mouth meaning that we should chew our food properly if we want to get the most out of it. By ensuring your jaw is well aligned and your teeth are where they are supposed to be, braces and Invisalign make it easier to chew food effectively and properly.

An uneven bite can put stress on teeth, leading to discomfort and even pain if the issue is severe enough. By straightening the teeth and aligning the jaws properly, your dentist can ensure you get an even bite, thereby reducing discomfort when you eat.

The undue stress placed on teeth due to misalignment does not only cause the teeth to wear unevenly but it also leads to the bone supporting the teeth to break down over time, which can lead to tooth loss and pain. By getting braces or Invisalign, you can keep the supporting bone and surround tissue strong and healthy.

The most common mouth injury for kids is injury to the front teeth. The risk of these injuries happening is further increased if their front teeth are sticking out. Braces can help realign the teeth, put them back in their proper place and keep them safe.

When a tooth is lost for whatever reason, the rest of the teeth will usually shift to occupy the space left. This can make it a lot harder to get dental implants placed. In these cases, braces and Invisalign are recommended to move the teeth back to their correct positions before the implants are placed.

Studies have shown that people with straight teeth are perceived to be smarter, more successful and a lot more likely to get hired. Unfortunately, a lot of importance is placed on how we look and present ourselves but that is the reality. A better smile can also give you the confidence to face the world. The biggest benefit of getting braces or Invisalign is that you will end up with a smile you will love, which will drastically improve your confidence.

Adult Braces and Invisalign Are Expensive

The cost of adult braces and Invisalign will depend on several factors. To get an answer to the question, “how much do braces cost UK?”, it is important to look at a few things. Two of the most important ones include how severe your case is and how long you will have the braces or Invisalign. Both of these questions can be answered by your dentist after a thorough examination and a consultation. The material and type of brace will also impact the cost of treatment so talk to your dentist about the different types of braces.

Additionally, you can get aligners and braces affordably from companies like Straight My Teeth, which partner with manufacturers of clear braces to keep the cost of your treatment low. Straight My Teeth also has a plan that allows you to pay in instalments, so you can get the braces you need without emptying your bank account or being held back by the one-time treatment cost. The answer to the question, “how much do braces cost in the UK?” is it depends on several factors including where you get the braces.

Getting Braces Means Wearing Metal Braces

Again, this used to be true, but it no longer is. There are now lots of different options and types of braces, so you can get ones that work and look best for you. Traditional metal braces are still popular, but their modern versions are a lot more low profile and are much more comfortable. Ceramic or clear braces have become very popular. Like metal braces, they also consist of wires and brackets, but the braces are made out of ceramic which blends with your smile and makes them almost invisible.

Gold braces are similar to metal braces but the stainless steel braces and wires are coated in cold. Lingual braces are bonded to the back of the lower teeth and cannot be seen when you smile. They require a lot more attention than other braces, and this is why they are usually used on adults and teens.

If you decide to get braces, you might come across some myths that may put you off. Many of these myths have been debunked meaning there is no reason why you should not go out, get some braces or Invisalign, and smile confidently.

Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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