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New digital platform changes the world of fiscal representation, with huge benefits for UK businesses preparing for Brexit

A software company headquartered in West Midlands, Matter of Software (MOS), has successfully designed and implemented a new digital platform for its client Desucla, facilitating seamless financial representative management in multiple overseas countries. Changing the rules of the game, the Desucla platform provides huge benefits for companies preparing for Brexit. From December 31, 2020, UK businesses may need financial representation or risk interruptions to their businesses.

Previously, a paper-based, time-consuming, up-front requirement, involving often expensive bank guarantees, the platform can request and manage fiscal representation requirements almost immediately. This enables VAT compliancy providers, such as accountancy practices, to manage fiscal representation on behalf of their clients and assists individual businesses or merchants requiring a local VAT number. 

Driving demand for fiscal representation is amongst other things; Brexit uncertainties and extra demands from online marketplaces, such as Amazon, regarding additional compliance from non-European businesses. For Desucla, a company offering fiscal representation and VAT payment services in over 35 countries, the need to expand reach and simplify the process, while keeping operational costs down, was fundamental, naturally leading to a digital platform creation.

Richard Baxter, Managing Director at Descula, comments: “We work directly with companies selling across borders and/or with their advisors to enable efficient and cost-effective compliance with global VAT requirements. We needed to digitise the process and selected MOS to build our product and website from the ground up. It was a complex build involving payments & FX integrations, with complicated logic for multiple user types, so we needed a partner we could trust to build a secure platform. The MOS team was extremely engaged, enabling quick resolutions to any challenges and, ultimately, the project was delivered on time and to budget” 

Ryan Bishop, Managing Director at MOS, says: “We were delighted to support Desucla on their digital journey. Our bespoke platform allows VAT return information to be uploaded, single currency payments to be made and onward payments for governments to be seamlessly orchestrated. The solution works with industry partners to manage payments, invoicing, foreign-exchange management and bank payment management.”

He continues: “We have an exciting product roadmap ahead for this Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, and look forward to supporting Desucla, bringing new and additional services to the platform. In the next phase of release, the platform will allow merchants to make a single tax payment in a selected currency for onward payment to multiple tax authorities, further simplifying the process for businesses and VAT compliancy providers.”

For more information on Desucla and how they are helping UK businesses to prepare for Brexit, please visit:
For more information on MOS, a UK specialist in software development and integration, supporting businesses looking to digitise business processes, please visit: For further comment, please call Ryan Bishop on 0330 223 6844 or email

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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