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Psychometric Tests – A-to-Z You Need To Know Before Appearing

The labor market is more candidate-driven than employer-driven, and the success of the business depends solely on selecting the right people in the team. Further, when thinking about the time involved in recruiting, finding the right employee for the organization is not that easy. Competency-based interview questions are the need of the hour to select employees. Additionally, more companies are implementing a psychometric test in the recruitment assessment process.  

Psychometric tests help measure all the aspects of mental ability and personality to determine whether the candidate is fit for the company. Also, it involves testing of intelligence, cognitive ability, and aptitude. Besides, it checks whether the candidate is confident enough for a face to face interview or not.  

Why are these tests held?

Psychometric test is unique as they help identify the candidate’s suitability to perform their role in the company.

Likewise, they offer an objective to test a person’s personality and intelligence. It reduces the work of the HR department by hiring professionals out of the very best. The test is entirely objective, proving as a way to test candidates against each other.

Moreover, the results help the employers choose like-for-like comparisons that are essential for the company’s success.

Levels of the test

There are two types in the test:

  • Aptitude test

An aptitude test involves a task to allow the candidate to show the field in which he is exceptionally good. For example, if the candidate is applying for the HR position, there will be a writing task.

On the other hand, if the candidate is applying for a financial position, you might be given some finance-related tasks to solve. The duration of test will depend on the job role the candidates are applying for.

  • Personality test

This next set of tests defines the behavior of aspiring candidates. Likewise, it also forecasts how well the selected candidate will perform during certain situations in the workplace. 

It can be either in the format of the questions, either the written or verbal way. There is no such right or wrong answer; therefore, all aspiring candidates should give their best.

Tips to pass the test easily

The employers reduce their work by narrowing down the candidates which they are planning to take. Tips help to pass psychometric tests preferably and with good numbers. 

  • Understand the type of aptitude questions asked

Check out earlier question papers to know the type of aptitude questions give. Further, verbal and numerical papers are MCQs that require to be completed in a short time. Some questions can be from topics like physical, biological sciences, business-related, etc. There is no specific knowledge of the subjects provided there. Get familiar with the type of questions for the competitive edge.

  • Find what the employer is looking for in the right candidate

All employers want to choose only the best, and it’s all about hiring who is the best fit for the job. These tests offer behavioral patterns, with the other tests being conducted separately. Therefore, before you take the test, either research or call the attributor to understand the skills, he/she is looking for. 

  • Practicing the tests online

The best part is – you can practice psychometric test online with various research materials available on the World Wide Web. Practicing the test papers online gives insight into the frameworks for solving the problems and improving the results. As most of the tests are online registered, you have to get the same medium used in the real tests conducted online.

  • Find the question papers that you need to practice

Not all jobs have the same level of test questions. Likewise, the level of difficulty and complexity of the tests change based on the job you are applying for. A test for the management position will be likely to be difficult than maybe for any simple position. Just be sure that you are practicing for the right test.

  • Increase English vocabulary

Start building the vocabulary by reading an English newspaper or any industry-specific information. Likewise, read regarding the job you have applied for. Increase the vocabulary if you want to grasp the Verbal Aptitude test questions. Answer all the questions faster to improve the score.

  • Planning of time and set the milestones

All of the tests are times appropriately, and reports suggest that only about 1 to 2 % of people can pass the test. You don’t have to complete all the questions to help you with the booking part. The best thing is to set the milestones and opt for all the easy questions before. If you don’t know the particular question, just leave it and move on to the next topic.

Facts employers need to know before conducting psychometric tests

Although a well-designed test ensures the right hiring of employees for almost all organizations yet there are a few facts which an employer must know and understand.

  • The test helps in ensuring the fit person for the company

It’s not about aptitude but aptitude and culture fit. Also, personalizing the person helps the company to access the perfect fit for the organization. Likewise, all the issues of the company will be solved over time.

  • About 80% of Fortune 500 uses the Psychometric Test

Over 80% of the users have done the test before. Secondly, the majority make use of objective writing by understanding all the tools that are there for. Many SMEs use the testing to enhance the recruitment processes where they are in.

  • Not all the tools are made similar

Companies carry out the test using the tools. Further, some tools might fit perfectly to the needs of the company but not all. The test requires a great deal of research regarding the information. Choose a procedure to validate reliability and integrity.


These tests are conducted to reveal the real strengths and weaknesses of the candidates. Likewise, it helps to define the role for which you are applying. For the aptitude test, you have to score a higher mark for the benchmark. It is so useful for the future to understand what can be done with the test. 

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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