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Selling Phones is Easier When You Know This

Are you wondering how to sell your old mobile phone?

Here’s how you can do it.

Should I get a new phone and sell my old one? It is the most obvious question that triggers you when your contract approaches an end. You begin to wonder about the process and all the options available to trade your phone for the best deal. You can use sites such as Rapid Phone Buyer to see how much you can sell your phone for    

While you know that you’ll not get the full value for your device, however, those who have been respectful in handling their phone and have it in good condition can secure a decent return and a big saving on their new handset.

Most websites that are into buying of the old phones have bifurcated the conditions into specific categories. Some sites offer different sums for old, broken or new. Others use grade categories and use terms like barely used or pristine with a value proposition depending on the state of it. Yes, you read that right. The broken phone under your bed can also fetch you cash to support for the new entrant.

While the flooding mobile phone deals often get creepy in price, any extra pound is always a saviour.

But where can your used handset be sold? How does selling phones actually work? Some miscellaneous FAQs’. We have answered all of these and much more:

Where Can You Sell Your Mobile Phone?

Although there a lot of sites that are into trading of mobile phones. However, picking the one that suits your requirements is the golden deal. There are sites that club together a host of other similar sites giving you the flexibility and ease to compare at a single platform.

These sites rank your options based on price, the duration of your deal and payment time, Trustpilot score and many other features. It only helps you to serve the trustable options that also pay you the most.

The USP of such sites is their range. You don’t just get one price but an overall bird’s eye view of the entire market.

There are many retailers too who offer trade-in options as well. Apple and Samsung, for instance offer discounted prices on new phones in lieu of your old one.

How Does Selling Your Phone Work?

If you sell through any of such consolidated marketplaces, there are a few fairly simple steps that you need to follow:

  • Register:

It all begins with a simple registration process on the website by keying your basic personal details, model number and its current condition. You then choose the company you wish to go with. The chosen company will then offer you a price which if you agree to will be followed by sending you pre-paid postal packaging.

  • Pack it | Send It:

Once the deal is done, expect a packaging from your buyer company to put everything inside which you stated while filling in the form. Pack up everything and send it back.

Some companies also ask you to pay upfront for the postal to add it to the final price. There could also be some which would not cover the postal charges – though such companies are rare. However, one needs to be cognizant with the postal policies to avoid any last-minute surprises.

  • Money Pops Up in Your Bank Account:

Upon receipt, the phone will go into the evaluation and will be checked for details that were mentioned in the form. If there’s a deviation from what was mentioned, the company may re-evaluate it, only to offer a lesser price. They will then let you know the new offering and the reason for reducing the price. If you accept that, the deal will proceed else the phone will be sent back to you. If you are happy with the amended offer, the money will reflect in your bank in the next two to three working days.

Once the deal is confirmed, and you are about to send your phone, there’s something very crucial that you need to do before dispatching it. You need to take back up of your data on your laptop or cloud and reset your phone to factory settings. Although most of the sellers do it, but this word of caution is for those who might not have this thought.

All said and done, a thorough research always pays to fetch the best deal.

Wish you best of luck in securing the deal made just for you.

Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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