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Freelancing seems fascinating and tempts many people. It does not compel you to follow any timetable and allows you to set your schedule. Neither does it fill you with Mondays’ anxiety, nor does it bind you to report to any boss. Studies reveal that most people who leave their well-settled jobs do so because they are unhappy with their bosses and cannot seem to have enough strength to deal with them. Being their boss seems thrilling, and people believe that it boosts their creativity and opens up more gates for them as freelancing helps free their minds. As much as freelancing appears appealing, it has its perils as, generally, it does not give you a guarantee about income. Some months you may earn a substantial amount, while some days might be difficult. While there is no guarantee of making money as a freelancer, some expenses are mandatory, such as taxes. 

Several people find freelancing alluring, and they feel they have the skills of making a career as a freelancer. Still, the aspect of ongoing and indispensable expenses puts a chain in their feet, and they do not venture into it. The fear of handling federal income tax bounds them with their jobs, and they find themselves unable to leave it. Taxes are one form of obligatory expense as citizens. Unless you have a severe condition, there is no way you can prevent it. Several governments have made stringent laws that help them monitor people’s financial situations and collect taxes.

As a citizen, we avail several services from governments. Still, it needs to pay its employees and keep the organizations running, and the government collects taxes from citizens. Several laws charge extra money on late submission. People have to bear numerous other consequences if they try to do any funny business with their taxes. People need a guarantee that they will handle the necessary expenses and not have to worry about taxes. Once they figure out a way, nothing stops them from venturing into freelancing.

Several people do freelancing and keep their jobs parallel so that they can pursue their passion while serving as a full-time worker. Numerous software, such as a freelance tax calculator, help determine your tax and alert you when your tax is due. Paying tax is a civil and ethical duty, and below we are giving a comprehensive guide which will help you in figuring out smart ways to do taxes as a freelancer:


Smart people figure out their expenses first and have a good list of mandatory payments. They make sure to keep some money separately for necessities and spend on other recreational activities. It gets challenging as a freelancer because you do not have a certain amount coming into your account every month. Yet, bills and additional fees are due every month. An easy way is to determine your tax payments beforehand to have a figure in mind that you need to pay in any case. Managing taxes is crucial. Not everyone has insight into tax payments; you must talk to someone aware of the procedures and give you an overview to easily manage your taxes.


Many freelancers stay in ignorance and miss out on the benefits that they can avail of being a freelancer. Depending on what form of business as a freelancer you are getting into, you can get certain advantages based on your nature of work. When you have a salaried job, the government collects your taxes from your paychecks. Still, when you are self-employed, you can save yourself from some percentage of taxes by filing for ‘Schedule C’ or by getting a ‘Corp Election.’  You must do your research and have a thorough knowledge and proper documentation to avail advantages, and have the appropriate paperwork to avoid any hassle in the future.


Did you know that mileage that your drove for business is tax-deductible? Many freelancers do not keep an eye on changing laws, and thus, they miss out on the favors that governments have set solely for them. Business mileage is a vast term, and many expenses come into it. As a freelancer, you should have an in-depth insight into it. People do not consider business meetings and going to and from clients as business expenses, which is a huge mistake, as business mileage constitutes all these costs. Having a laptop or other gadgets is a need of time, and as per your work, you may have to invest in additional equipment. You can get all these exempted from taxes through proper documentation.


Keeping things organized is a skill that comes to some people naturally, while others can learn it. Regardless of what field you are in, if you keep your things and tasks organized, it will help you succeed in public life and your profession. Many people overestimate their capacity and assume that they will save money later in life. During rainy days they face difficulty in managing expenses. As a freelancer, you must organize your taxes and other payments and not leave it for the last day, and it will save you from the hassle.


More often than not, taxes and other bills give you a few days to pay, and a surcharge applies after the due date. When you can avoid extra payment by making timely payments, there is no reason that you show laziness in paying and end up spending extra money.  Some people decide to pay a lump sum amount annually and consider monthly payments trouble. Experts recommend that they make timely payments for freelancers to neither have high expenses nor any added stress.


Tax is an obligation, and as a dutiful citizen, there is no way you want to avoid it. Wise people understand the importance of taxes, and while they may have their reservations about policies and all but they make sure to pay their dues on time. Many people hesitate to barge into freelancing because they assume they will not file taxes on time. And it could be an added pressure on them. Planning and organization save freelancers from any trouble and help in the management of taxes and other payments.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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