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The Neighborhood Stores Black Friday

Black Friday 2020 is approaching, one of the most important dates on the calendar for millions of consumers around the world. In a short time, this tradition imported from the United States has conquered international markets and its impact on sales grows year after year, since a large part of Christmas shopping is ahead of that day.

The covid-19 pandemic will strongly influence this Black Friday, which is celebrated on November 27.

In a year marked by social distance, capacity limitations in physical stores and control of mobility, electronic commerce has multiplied its turnover.

And the forecasts suggest that this trend is already unstoppable. According to the Black Friday 2020 study, 51% of Spaniards will make their purchases through the Internet due to the coronavirus. In fact, the online channel will represent 89% of sales, and mobile will be the most used tool in transactions.

It is also expected that this year, spending will be higher. After months of containment in savings, a third of those surveyed say they will buy more than in 2019. Sales over 300 euros will also increase to 19%. All these projections suppose a certain oxygen balloon for small businesses, badly hit by the economic and social crisis of SARS-CoV-2.

My Electro bases its business concept on excellence in service and in helping businesses throughout life

The Spanish Confederation of Commerce has already warned of the critical situation that the sector is going through due to the weeks of confinement, the closure of non-essential activity and the fall in income and consumption.

The employer’s association estimates that some 67,500 establishments in Spain (15% of the total) have already lowered the blind forever due to the impact of the pandemic, with billing drops of more than 50%.

That is why, more than ever, this Black Friday is a magnificent occasion to support and collaborate with local businesses. Many people associate this date with large platforms and brands that bill millions of euros each year – some of them, moreover, are not even taxed in Spain.

Nothing is further from reality. Small businesses play an important role in this initiative, since many local stores offer special discounts during these days that are an important springboard for their annual sales.

Another characteristic of these neighborhood establishments is their close relationship with customers, who appreciate this proximity and advice throughout the purchase process. This is the case with the more than 350 stores associated with Mi Electro , which bases its business concept on excellence in service and in helping businesses throughout life.

In a socio-economic context as complicated as the one that many small neighborhood stores are going through this year, these establishments have had significant support through mielectro.es , the chain’s website where it is possible to buy household appliances and electronics for the home comfortably and safe.

When doing so, an order is generated to the neighborhood store as if it were one more sale of the establishment itself. This is important so that local businesses that cannot be on the Internet also receive orders through the online channel , and thus generate new customers. In addition, during the confinement, Mi Electro allowed many of these stores not to close their activity, since they received orders directly from the chain’s website.

The system assigns the sale to the establishment closest to the customer’s home. In this way, each transaction that is generated reports a direct economic benefit to the store that serves the order, which keeps almost all the margins of the operation.

Because the commitment of Mi Electro is that the online business does not subdue or harm small local businesses.

On the contrary, this formula can be very useful in the face of a horizon full of uncertainties and possible new closures. In other words, buying through Mi Electro has a direct impact on the economic support of all these proximity stores and the families that work in them.

In addition to reviving the local economy, this activity generates movement and business in the neighborhoods, since it encourages shopkeepers to continue with their deliveries and sales even in difficult circumstances such as this year. A work philosophy that has resulted in the generation of new customers and sales.

The idea of ​​Mi Electro is that when you place an order on their website, you feel the same as if you buy it in a local store. When you went to the store of your life to get a refrigerator, the grocer would serve it to you the next day or even a few hours with complete confidence.

And that same person you were talking to did it to you, generating a commitment and an important bond beyond the sale.

For this reason, mielectro.es tries to avoid the dehumanization caused by the Internet. Your purchase is served by your local store in 24 hours: buy in the store or online, the process is the same.

There are no agencies involved and you always have an establishment near you for after-sales service, where they will assist you quickly the moment something fails or any minor maintenance problem arises. As with the close and proximity trade.

This speed of delivery is another of the hallmarks of a brand whose priority is, above all, excellence with its customers.

The attention and service is provided by professionals in the sector with decades of experience, and this is reflected in the evaluations received by buyers, which highlight the warmth and speed of the entire shopping experience, including after-sales service.

During the delivery and installation of the merchandise, the store staff makes sure that the appliance is ready for use, and checks that everything is working properly. Once the new product is installed, they remove the used one to transport it to authorized recycling points within 24 hours.

Sustainability is another of Mi Electro’s hallmarks, since its commitment to maintaining the proximity business is its reason for being. On too many occasions, online sales redound to the benefit of department stores or multinationals operating through the Internet, companies that use sales tricks – sometimes debatable – to bill more and at all costs.

On the other hand, investing in local and nearby businesses is more sustainable with the environment and implies greater benefits for the economy of our country, since it has a direct impact on the survival of many families and traditional establishments.

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