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5 Key Elements of Converting Subtitle Files

Subtitle or SRT files refer to plain text files that contain sequential and organized subtitle information. In fact, converting subtitle files revolve around a specific chronological process that includes the start and stop period right next to each subtitle text.

 You need to focus on the quintessential elements that flawlessly convert subtitle files. The idea, of course, is to visualize the subtitles in the video at appropriate times and in correspondence with the correct audio sequence.

Remember, converted subtitle files can be open and closed. Open captions refer to built-in subtitles, whereas closed captions come with an option to turn on or off the subtitle files in a video. However, with built-in subtitle files, the pixel quality of the subtitle files depends on the quality of the video.

Let’s dive into five (5) key elements of converting subtitle files:

1.    Time Codes

One of the most fundamental elements of converting subtitles files is the appearance and disappearance of subtitles. It may sound like a magic trick, but the secret lies in correct time codes that modulate subtitle intervals and gaps.

Without proper adjustment and conversion of time codes, you will notice gap times in people’s conversions. In simple terms, time codes are an effective technique that directs subtitles to appear and disappear from the main screen. The traditional format of time codes looks like “hours: minutes: seconds: milliseconds.”

2.    Blank Line

Typically, a blank line represents the start of a new subtitle. But throughout the conversion process of subtitle files, you can more than one blank line to create multiple interval beginnings. Also, the process of separating each subtitle line is not as arduous as you might think. Think of the blank line as blank space. The same blank spaces or lines create invisible spaces. The invisible space creates a gap between the subtitle text and the sequence number in the subtitle file.

3.    The Original Subtitle File

Throughout the conversion process of subtitle files, “caption text” is the ultimate text that appears in a video. Whether it’s a business video or film, you may have noticed the appearance of two or three text lines at once. The original and finalized text appears underneath timecodes.

The original subtitle file contains a more sequential breakdown of long videos. As a result, professional subtitle file convertors create small snippets to make the captions more readable in a video.

4.    Compatibility of Subtitle Files

Another essential component of converting SRT files is compatibility. Now, don’t confuse compatible converted subtitle files with synchronization. Converted subtitle files can have compatibility with multiple online platforms and media players.

For instance, converted subtitle files should be compatible with the most famous social media platforms. It means once you create and convert a subtitle file, it should be compatible with more than one platform and media player.

Automated compatibility of converted subtitles is a wonder that prevents manually adding subtitle files. Compatibility of subtitle files also comes with SEO benefits and a higher engagement rate. Whether it’s, Facebook, YouTube, VLC, converted subtitle files should be accurate and open to editorial changes.

5.    More Comprehension, More Clarity

Apart from the SEO perks, higher engagement, and ease of viewing, another important element of converting subtitle files is comprehension. The flawless comprehension means the higher the clarity. Heightened clarity is fundamental to help readers understand the dialogue in a video. In fact, better comprehension can cover technical jargons that ordinarily may go over people’s heads.


It is imperative to understand that converted subtitle files don’t include the audio or video of the file you are converting subtitles for in the first place. And when it comes to converting subtitle files, SRT files are an integral aspect of transcribing dialogue.

Behind the scenes, converting subtitle files may come across as too technical, but it often requires practice and professional touch to get the timing right. Not to mention the proper conversion of subtitle files boosts your SEO efforts.

Source: Technical translation services

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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