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6 Creative Ways to Upgrade and Accessorize Your Jeep

If you’re a proud member of the Jeep Nation, then you most likely love taking your beloved Jeep four-wheeling through the backcountry. Accessorizing your Jeep is a great way to show it off and make it the king of the trail. Adding some custom parts and making your Jeep look one-of-a-kind is one of the best parts of being a Jeep enthusiast, and the added off-road performance capability is an extra benefit. Here are some of the best aftermarket accessories for upgrading and customizing your Jeep.

Where to Buy Aftermarket Parts for Your Jeep?

Though OEM parts are popular, they are also expensive. An excellent and affordable alternative is buying aftermarket. In the age of Covid-19, an online retailer that offers contact-free purchasing is the safest way to go. If you want to find Jeep parts and accessories, check out Off Road Power Products. They have a massive selection of aftermarket and OEM-style replacement parts and accessories that will make your Jeep stand out from the crowd and add maximum performance capability. When you need parts for your vehicle, you want to make sure you’re buying from a reputable company that works closely with manufacturers to provide durable, high-quality parts that will last through use and abuse.

The 6 Most Creative Ways to Upgrade and Accessorize Your Jeep

For most Jeep owners, adding extensive modifications and customization is the norm. Whether it’s just adding some cosmetic parts to give it a bold look or installing premium aftermarket parts to improve performance, Jeep owners love to go all out when it comes to their off-roading style. Here are the six most creative ways to accessorize your Jeep and make it look pretty awesome.

1. Custom front and rear bumpers

Though your Jeep is meant to go off-road and play in the mud, upgrading the front and rear bumpers is the perfect way to give it a more aggressive look and increase performance capabilities. Look for one complete with a tow hook, which makes it easier to rescue yourself if you ever get stuck in the mud. A stock bumper definitely falls short in that category! You can get full-size, mid-size, or a stubby. You will most likely need a stubby if you want the monster tires and lift kit next on the list.

2. Lift kit and monster mudders

Lift kits are essential for off-roading capability if your Jeep is a little more on the light-duty end of the scale. Modifying your vehicle with a lift kit not only looks so much sweeter, but it gives you better ground clearance, which means you can go down all the best back roads and trails. A giant set of tires added in for good measure allows for much better traction and makes climbing significant obstacles a breeze. Besides, no Jeep is complete without a giant set of monster mudders and some lift!

3. LED light bar & fog lights

A super-bright LED light bar on the roof not only looks cool, but it’s also a safety feature too. If you’re going off-roading at night or in bad weather conditions, you need bright lights for maximum visibility. They are available in several different shapes and sizes, and LED lights can also go on the inside of your rig for a custom look. Some creative places include underneath the seats, along the edge of the dash, or along the side step rails for extra visibility.

Fog lights are also a necessity. They cut through thick fog to up your overall visibility by a much more significant margin than regular headlights. Fog lights are available in a wide selection of colors, shapes, and sizes for a custom look to your vehicle. It’s also reasonably simple to replace the stock fog lights with aftermarket fog lights, and it makes for a relatively inexpensive way to change your vehicle’s look. 

4. Snorkel exhaust kit

One of the most creative ways to customize your rig is with a snorkel kit. However, they aren’t just a cosmetic accessory. If you love to off-road in streams, brooks, and shallow water, a snorkel kit is a useful addition to your Jeep. With the stock intake system placed so low, you’re at risk for choking off the engine if you get too deep in the water. A snorkel kit runs a pipe right from the intake system up above the hood, usually close to the roof. It eliminates the possibility of water getting into your intake system and then being sucked into the engine, which never makes for a fun time and will damage your Jeep.

5. Fender flares for the monster mudders

Fender flares are a requirement if you have a massive set of tires. Stock fenders don’t allow enough room to turn the steering wheel without rubbing. Fender flares provide the space needed to turn the wheel and make navigating even the most rough-and-tumble back roads a cinch. They also give your wheels a modicum of protection from any dirt, rocks, or debris that may fly up while you’re driving.

If you’re worried about spending extra money getting them installed, don’t be. Aftermarket flares typically come with pre-drilled holes, making them incredibly easy to put on. They’re also available in virtually any style, design, thickness, or texture you want to complement your Jeep and give it a bold look.

6. Add a winch to your bumper

Any Jeeper who has ever been off-roading and gotten stuck or bent their suspension knows what a Godsend a winch can be when you’re stuck forty miles in the middle of nowhere. Some of the different factors to consider when looking for a winch are the pull rate, motor strength, line speed, and the way it mounts to your Jeep. Here’s a simple way to find the right winch for your Jeep: take your vehicle’s gross weight, multiply it by 1.5, and you will have the bare minimum line pull rate required. If you’re going to be going on extreme terrain, find a winch with the right capabilities to easily pull your Jeep out of the mud.

Customize Your Jeep with the Best Accessories and Upgrades

If you love your Jeep and spend all your free time out in the woods four wheeling, then customizing and upgrading your rig to improve its performance and the overall look is number one in the Jeep owner’s handbook. There are endless ways to change and personalize your Jeep’s look and upgrade its off-roading capabilities to make going out on the backroads a blast. Add some cool accessories and parts to make your Jeep able to take on any challenges the trails have to offer!

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