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Blueberry AutoFlower Strains Reviews

Is it true that you are looking for a cannabis plant that looks delightful and is not difficult to develop? On the off chance that indeed, your inquiry is finished!

Blueberry Autoflower strain produces pink and purple buds that are tasteful to take a gander at. A few producers choose Blueberry auto strain since it is a high yielder, looks pretty, and smells fabulous.

Additionally, this incredible weed strain has caught the “Best Indica Strain Award” at the 2000 High Times Cannabis Cup. Noteworthy, isn’t that so?

Inquisitive to know why blueberry autoflowers seeds are the solitary thing you need? Continue to pursue this feminized strain!

This unimaginable Indica prevailing strain is the cross between Thailand (Sativa) and Afghanistan (Indica). The Sativa is the glad posterity of Purple Thai and Thai.

DJ Short – an Oregon pot raiser, explored different avenues regarding distinctive cloning procedures and developed mysterious marijuana Blueberry Autoflower.

This first rate mixture doesn’t shout for consideration; hence, it is ideal for fledglings. Other than its sporting use, its Indica-weighty hereditary qualities does some amazing things in treating different diseases.

In addition, these delightful purple, thick buds contain 85% Indica and 15% Sativa. Despite the fact that Sativa represents simply 15%, its essence is sufficient to make your head high and invigorated.

Blueberry Autoflower Feminized seeds. What are they?

In the mid 80s, Ruderalis, a sub-types of cannabis, was taken to Amsterdam. Reproducers found this sub-specie in Siberia and saw that this plant sprouted in two or three weeks, even with the light contrasts.

The raisers explored different avenues regarding the Ruderalis hereditary qualities and blended it in with Sativa and Indica strains; in this way, auto-blooming feminized seeds appeared.

These days, you will discover a lot of auto-blossoming variations in a few famous strains. These plants are short, simple to develop, don’t need a lot of room, yet yield intensely.

Growing BlueBerry AutoFlower Strains.

As a result of its strength and flexibility, Blueberry Autoflower is a decision of many yearning producers. This example requires low-upkeep, and it doesn’t develop past 32 inches.

Despite its stature, it develops quickly, and it changes from seedling to a developed plant in only eight to ten weeks. Since it’s an auto-blooming strain, it can deal with the two atmospheres, i.e., cold winters and warm, sticky atmosphere.

Blueberry autoflower plants can be developed inside and are effectively reasonable outside. Their leafage is yellow and green with profound purple tints. Their enormous thick colas have green, lavender, and purple colors.

In addition, these dazzling nugs have orange pistils, and they are thickly covered with sap.

Where to Buy Seeds?

You can find plenty of options online where you can buy these strains and their seeds and If you are looking to buy feminized seeds then you can check Homegrown Cannabis Co. for best seeds at a very discounted price.

How To Grow.

Blueberry autoflower is a direct strain to develop. There are some mellow characteristics, for example, the specific amount and sort of supplements required. There are additionally a couple of unique pruning strategies you can perform to make the yield as high as could reasonably be expected. In any case, Blueberry autoflower is ideal on the off chance that you need to grow a strain with insignificant exertion and not stress over yield.

Then again, you should dominate a couple of stunts to augment the yield. These techniques could likewise build the general nature of the bud.

Blueberry autoflower is a strain that you should focus on filling in the open sun, as it truly sparkles outside.In spite of this, it can get slightly feeble toward the beginning of the development time frame. Along these lines, it is astute to begin it in your nursery early, and afterward plant outside once the last ice is no more.

Something unique you can never really expand your yield is to deal with “beating” your plants. This implies you cut back at the highest points of the plant as it develops. The objective is to shape the developing Blueberry autoflower plant into a shrub shape. On the off chance that it develops into this construction, the plant invests more energy and assets into growing more buds. It might likewise occupy less room than if it is attempting to become taller.

Also, customary pruning of the plant will help forestall fine mold. This irritating burden loves to zero in on awkward plants. To keep them glad, ensure they’re pruned consistently and given adequate supplements to guarantee a high return and a fruitful plant.

Blueberry autoflower cannabis has a pleasant reputation for incredibly high yields compared to other strains. A considerable part of this is the aforementioned bushy shape.

Through careful, regular pruning and cultivation, you can sculpt Blueberry autoplant into a bush shape. If you do it correctly, your plants may produce far more bud than they normally would. This high yield is often surprising for first-time growers. However, getting such a high return is dependent on several factors, aside from pruning. You also need to feed this strain properly.

Feeding Blueberry.

Blueberry autoflower seeds require a nice measure of nitrogen contrasted with different strains. This reality turns out to be much more basic when you move a plant from inside a nursery to the outside. There is a change from a consistent temperature to vacillations outside. Hence, your plants will utilize a ton of supplements, particularly as they endeavor to become taller.

Ensure your plants are established immovably into the ground. After they start to bloom, attempt and litter the highest point of the dirt with worm castings. Despite the fact that that may sound abnormal to the unenlightened, attempt and investigate the earth behind the path of a worm. As it eats through earth and manure, it gives up a supplement rich side-effect which we call worm projecting. This is normally circulated air through in light of the fact that it went through the worm’s stomach related framework.

You can guarantee the plants are as supplement rich as conceivable by adding bat guano to the dirt after the worm projecting. This is, obviously, another creature’s waste, yet this time from bats! Bat guano is normally high in phosphates and nitrogen because of the overabundance supplements devoured by the winged animals. It may smell firmly of creatures and explosives, however your Blueberry autoflower plants will adore it.

Try not to stress over any bizarre scents or whatever else influencing the quality or taste of your buds. Blueberry autoflower is an enthusiastic plant and it’ll make a similar wonderful taste paying little mind to what you feed it.

Growing Indoor/Outdoor

Blueberry autoflower is a strikingly flexible strain, ready to deal with shockingly chilly temperatures contrasted with what you may anticipate. It’s an ideal plant for planting in northern atmospheres, for example, the upper east of the USA or the alarmingly chilly Midwest.

Blueberry autoflower is a strain best developed outside, gratitude to its adoration for the normal sun and wealth of supplements. Additionally, the quality and amount of buds won’t be anyplace close as stunning in the event that you develop it completely inside. Accordingly, you should put it outside and appreciate the absolute best buds you can envision.

The vast majority choose soil as the developing medium, regardless of whether you develop inside or outside. ‘Super soil’ bought from stores contains a wide assortment of supplements for your Blueberry autoflower plants. Greensand is turning into a famous expansion to pot plant soil. It is mineral glauconite, sourced by mining the sea depths.

This greenish-blue item contains phosphorus, potassium, silica, iron, and a swarm of minor elements. It is ideal to add it to top-dressing and the weed’s root zone toward the start of the developing season. This is on the grounds that the process can’t be rushed to get bioavailable. It offers supplements to help your plant’s invulnerable frameworks and metabolic capacities.

Flowering Time

Blueberry autoflower cannabis has a quite good blooming time at 7-9 weeks by and large. You can hope to see new Blueberry autoflower buds in under two months, sometimes. This strain is amazing for a few reasons, yet its fast blossoming time amps up its astounding standing. In addition to the fact that you get incredible tasting, quiet initiating weed, however you get it moderately rapidly also.

Blueberry autoflower is a strain that favors a milder atmosphere than others. Its ideal temperature range is somewhere in the range of 65 and 80 Fahrenheit, however it’s shockingly adroit at withstanding colder temperatures.

The base proposal is 65 degrees. In any case, it could momentarily withstand temperatures as low as 45 degrees Fahrenheit without it influencing the bud yield altogether.

Simply ensure it won’t confront those sorts of temperatures for in excess of two or three evenings in succession. Indeed, even the hardiest plant can’t endure frosty temperatures for long without biting the dust or delivering a low yield.


Is it accurate to say that you are searching for a cheerful, loosening up high to de-stress yourself? This Indica-predominant strain will supplant your day’s concerns with giggling.

Its high THC content, up to 14%, conveys durable rapture and cerebral buzz. Additionally, the actual serenity it gives causes the clients to feel like they are altogether liberated from pressure.

A couple of hits will drop you in the fantasy world!

You can move, however the manner in which it leaves you feeling lethargic makes clients need to sit still. Following a couple of hours, quieting impacts kick in. Up to that point, you can appreciate the incredible buzz.

Besides, this Indica-prevailing mixture gives a solid lethargic vibe. The serenity it offers will hush you into a significant, long rest.

Flavor and Aroma.

The strain’s smell is tacky, solid, and quick. Its fruity blueberry whiff makes 420 sweethearts slobbering.

The second you lit the joint, the room would top off with a great berry-injected fragrance. It has a new fragrance with inconspicuous piney suggestions.

Moreover, it is an ideal treat for your sense of taste. Its fruity, mellowy rich vanilla, and blueberry flavor will convey a waiting taste that will shiver your tastebuds.

When you breathe out, you will feel a woody trailing sensation. Besides, its unmistakable flavor has made this maryjane strain a group top choice!

Medical Effects

Blueberry autoflower is the best restorative cannabis strain since it has a respectable CBD and THC levels. It assists with treating an assortment of manifestations identified with mental and actual wellbeing.

A few clients decide on this strain as it assists with lessening uneasiness and eases torment. Besides, it is a go-to cannabis strain for those experiencing muscle touchiness, joint inflammation, and persistent torment due to its mitigating qualities.

Since this solid relaxant lifts your great vibes, it is ideal for people experiencing sadness, uneasiness, and stress. Also, this strain won’t fix your basic condition, however it will give you impermanent alleviation.

Adverse Effects

Like other cannabis strains, this feminized strain likewise has possible results. Smoking a lot can cause cottonmouth and dry eyes; in this way, you should drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated.

Cannabis clients who are THC-delicate ought not utilize this solid, mean puncher. Despite the fact that it is gentler than different strains, its THC level is still very huge. Also, it might make other unsavory impacts, for example, nervousness, suspicion, and unsteadiness.

Final Wording

Blueberry autoflower Cannabis is a strain that is trustworthy, solid and strong. It offers a shockingly high return that will leave you with a bigger number of buds than you realize how to manage.

It’s a beautiful simple strain to oversee yourself. Maybe the trickiest issue includes finding a nursery, regardless. On the off chance that you can discover such a space, the subsequent stage is to move it outside to thrive under the regular sun.

With some shockingly explicit taking care of prerequisites, Blueberry is an ideal strain for those hoping to become their own weed. Preferably, you will have the land important to create it. The best yields are acquired by developing it both outside and in a general, shrubbery molded example instead of as a normal tall plant. You need loads of room to get the best out of your Blueberry strain.

Blueberry offers exceptional returns, a wide temperature range, and the chance to mess with both worm and bat dung. When gathered, the Blueberry strain will make them unwind and feel euphoric in the blink of an eye.

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