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Casado Proposes A Fund Of 50000 Million To Help Companies

The leader of the PP, Pablo Casado , has assured this Thursday that liquidity must be injected into companies “so that they can survive” and has proposed creating a fund of 50,000 million that the Popular Group will materialize in an initiative in Congress, in line with what “other European countries” are doing.

The proposal is in line with that proposed by the president of the Catalan employer’s association Foment del Treball, Josep Sánchez Llibre, who insistently calls for a crash plan for that amount, based on direct aid and which he included in a recent letter that he sent to the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez .

Casado, who has met with the president of the Chamber of Girona and the Consell de Cambres, Jaume Fábrega , has stressed that the economic shock plan that, in his opinion, Spain needs should include the reduction of taxes and the extension of the You see that the alarm state ends.

“It is necessary to carry out that shock plan now, of competitiveness and of rescue to the productive economy “, has abounded, to warn the Government that it is necessary to act and avoid that a new “economic stop” does “much damage to the State of the well-being” . Casado has defended the PP’s economic shock plan and pointed out that the PP already publicly presented this “alternative proposal” in March.

“It would be very positive to do it jointly with the Government because it is what the countries around us are doing,” he said, referring to the fall forecasts collected by international organizations and how the recovery forecasts for 2021 “are cooling.”

After indicating that this scenario raises “the regret” that the employment figures “may not recover in the short term”, he stressed that Spain “there are already more than five million Spaniards who want to work and cannot” and there are “a million freelancers at the eaves”.

For this reason, he has insisted that “an economic shock plan is necessary” and has described the one that Foment del Treball has sent to the Prime Minister as “correct”, since, as he has said, “coincides a lot” with what he proposes. the PP.

Casado has indicated that it is necessary to “increase liquidity “, but not with credits but by injecting “directly into the companies that are viable and are in a serious economic standstill with the resources so that they can survive.” It is about, he continued, that they do not lay off workers and the State “does not have to face unemployment benefits and the fall in collection.

“Foment talks about 50,000 million euros in a fund that could help these companies and we already said that we are going to register it in Congress. It is a fund, not of credits or ICO guarantees, but of direct injection which is what is happening in countries like Germany “, he pointed out.

Second, Casado has defended measures in the labor market to “extend ERTE until the end of the state of alarm.” “It has been talking for a long time and what we ask is that it be done at the last minute,” he stressed, to warn that there are companies that need to have that “certainty” for their “planning” and “to be able to endure.”

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