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Endesa Meets Municipal Officials About Supply Problems

Endesa meets tomorrow, Monday with municipal officials about supply problems. The Barcelona city council states that they will hold a meeting with the CEO of the electricity company to seek solutions to a problem that affects some 29 municipalities in the metropolitan area

The electricity supply problems detected in various areas of Barcelona in recent weeks have prompted the City Council to urge Endesa , the supply company, to resolve the situation as soon as possible .

The councilor for Climate Emergency and Ecological Transition, Eloi Badía, said last Friday that tomorrow, Monday, he will meet with the CEO of Endesa in Spain, José Bogas, to discuss the problem and seek solutions.

In the midst of the debate over electricity taxes and their impact on the user, and now because of power outages , municipal entities are trying to get some kind of guarantee from the electricity company to ensure supplies.

Last Friday there was a meeting between the representatives of 13 city councils in the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona and the Minister of Business and Connection, Ramón Tremosa, to seek a position of strength with Endesa .

The Barcelona consistory has opened an information file so that the utility knows the number and location of power outages greater than 30 minutes , and has warned that if a breach of service is detected, the necessary sanctioning processes will be opened.

Several social groups have spoken out on the problem, since they consider that the electricity company is in breach of the law, which establishes that it has two hours to resolve incidents, extendable to two more hours in some cases. From the Alliance against Poor Energy they denounce that these deadlines are not being met.

The state of the supply network and its age are the focus of municipal claims. Since Endesa lament the situation and have reported on several occasions that have been carried out improvement work on the electrical infrastructure in many neighborhoods that are still awaiting the green light from the council for its operation.

The electrical effects go beyond the city of Barcelona and its surroundings, and according to the PSC there are about 29 municipalities affected by the power outages in recent weeks. Municipal representatives and members of the PSC met last Wednesday with Endesa to analyze the situation in a meeting that the company described as practical and constructive.

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