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How to Exercise for Free

Combining fitness goals with affordability can be challenging, especially with recent trends suggesting that expensive machines, cleanses, and training equipment are the quickest ways to reach your goals. While there is of course a positive return on investment from purchasing items to assist you on your journey towards healthy living, there is also a significant return on investment from taking advantage of free outlets as well. The best plan is the one that you will execute, you can spend a ton of money, or no money, either way your results will be determined via your dedication to reaching your goals. If you are new to fitness, or simply looking for ways to switch up your current routine, finding ways to exercise for free is a great addition to overall healthy living.


There is no shortage of free content online, easily accessible and on demand. Using your computer or smartphone to find workouts that can be done in your own home, or inside a gym is like having your very own personal trainer, for free. Since it is now Lockdown 3.0 in the UK and gyms are closed finding ways to maintain your fitness at home has become quite essential.

Social media is another great way to take advantage of free workouts. Trainers, influencers, and even boutique gym owners are constantly adding content to their accounts to stay relevant in uncertain times. Many apps you probably already have on your phone and utilize daily hold the keys to unlocking new tips and tricks, free for the taking. Finding free online communities through social media that you can join is another way to discover free workouts. Professionals on pause have started to hold online classes both live and on demand via social media to show their support for the fitness community and continue to nurture their passions for teaching healthy living.

Get Outside

Using the outdoors as your gym is not a new or novel idea, it is however both forever free and a current necessity. In pre-pandemic times public spaces serve as a blank canvas for creative workout routines. While outdoor gym equipment is free, it can be used for all ranges of fitness from the leisurely beginner to the advanced professional. This equipment can also be used for target training or full body workouts. Although you cannot use this equipment currently it is still beneficial for you to take note of the exceptional workout opportunities it can provide you once restrictions are lifted.

Outdoor exercise also has health benefits that reach beyond the physical. Fresh air can help with everything from mood to blood pressure. Incorporating a daily walk or run into your life will also help to keep you active even on rest days from more vigorous workouts.  If you feel that you may not be stimulated enough by the suggestion of simply walking, research scenic trails or routes local to you and take advantage of the opportunity to see new landscapes. You may be surprised to find that a temporary supplement may become a beloved addition to your routine.

Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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