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How to Stay Warm over Winter Without Spending a Fortune

When the temperature outside takes a downward turn, it can put quite a bit of strain on our heating systems. If you’re working from home, then you’ll inevitably spend more on heating than you otherwise might.

As such, it’s more important than ever that we get the most utility possible out of our heating systems. Let’s take a look at a few simple measures that might make all the difference.

Winter Fuel Payment

If you’re a recipient of the state pension or another social-security benefit, then you’ll automatically be granted an annual sum to help pay for your heating. This is called the Winter Fuel Payment, and at the time of writing it’s for anyone born on or before the 5th October 1954. It might fall anywhere between £100 and £300. If you don’t receive either of these benefits, then you’ll need to make a claim.

Wrapping up Warm

If you’re strolling around in shorts and a t-shirt, then the chances are good that you’re spending more than you otherwise might on your heating. Invest in thermal underwear and some thicker socks or the right footwear and you’ll get away with having the heating on much, much lower. What’s more, you’ll be able to enjoy these investments even when you’re not actually in your home!

Doing DIY

Any cracks in the structure of your home will provide an opportunity for warmth to escape, and for cold air to find its way inside. Applying a little bit of sealant can often save you big in the long run. The same applies to other basic tasks like radiator-bleeding. Take a few minutes to learn how to do these things properly, and make a point of repeating them regularly.

Shop Around

The energy providers rely, to a large extent, on the laziness of their customers. But if you pick up the phone and make a switch, you could find that there are significant savings to be had. Keep tabs on what’s available, and make sure that you’re at least aware of your options. It might be that you can negotiate a discount from your existing supplier without having to go through the upheaval of actually switching.

Upgrade your Home

Investing a little here and there might vastly upgrade your home’s thermal efficiency. In many cases, you don’t have to spend much money at all. Replacing the compression strips around your front door can eliminate the gaps through which cold air might pass. Swapping lightweight curtains for heavier ones, by the same token, can prevent heat from being so easily transmitted to the outdoors. Perform an informal audit and work out where your thermal weaknesses are, and then address them.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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