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Padrós Asks To Allocate Non Essential Budget Items

The president of the Official College of Physicians of Barcelona (COMB), Jaume Padrós , has urged both the Government and the Spanish Government to postpone non-essential budget items and dedicate them to directly compensate the economic sectors most affected by the new restrictions in Catalonia, that will come into effect on January 7 .

“We entered the black night before dawn,” says Padrós on his Twitter account. “Whether it is catastrophic or not will depend on some variables: individual behavior, capable contagion of the virus but very especially on the actions that administrations take.

We have a lot at stake.” “Arrived here, in a personal capacity I cannot help but say that I do NOT believe that in the face of the emergency never experienced” Moncloa and Congress “cannot make a budget modification to postpone non-priority items and compensate directly and with dignity the affected sectors” , points out Jaume Padròs.

The proposal of the president of the doctors of Barcelona comes at a time when shops, bars, restaurants, gyms, nightlife suffer the impact of the pandemic restrictions, with minimal aid from the administrations. Many epidemiologists and health personnel consider that the restrictions are late and in any case should be stricter.

They believe, and this has been made public by the same Secretary of Public Health, Dr. Josep Maria Argimon , that if Spain / Catalonia were a rich country, a strict confinement would be decreed, as in the United Kingdom or Germany, and would compensate the affected companies.

But since this is not the case, the administrations choose to make balances between health and the economy that do not convince either one or the other.

More critical is the epidemiologist at the Germans Trias i Pujol Hospital (Can Ruti) in Badalona Oriol Mitjà , who has once again criticized the Government’s management. “Government, we are tired, frustrated and embarrassed by the management of the covid-19.

Not only by today’s measures (in reference to the new restrictions decreed by the Catalan Executive), but also by vaccines, raves, Christmas, residences, antigens, railroad and a very long etcetera, “he wrote on his Twitter profile.

The Catalan employers’ association Foment del Treball has warned that the situation for many companies is dramatic.

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