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Price of the Allianz shares on the stock market

The Allianz shares are one of the stock market listings to follow at present due to the current strong volatility and numerous positive indicators.

If you wish to follow the listing for the Allianz shares on the stock market, we offer you here some explanations about them as well as a historical analysis of its rate over the last ten years, and finally, our forecast for its possible movements in the coming years.

You will thereby have all the information necessary to establish an investment strategy for this listing.

About Allianz shares:

Let us first look at the German Allianz group that issues shares under the same name, and its activity.

The Allianz group is actually one of the leaders in the insurance sector on a global level. However it also offers traditional banking activities. In detail, the life and health insurance activities represent over 54% of the total turnover figures of this company. Then follow the non-life insurance activities of 39%, and asset management which represents around 5.2% of the total turnover. The remaining amount corresponds to banking and management activities for themselves.

The Allianz group currently has more than 147,425 employees throughout the world.

The historical analysis of the listing for Allianz shares on the stock trading market:

  • The listing for the Allianz shares is on the Prime Standard German market of Deutsche Boerse AG.
  • Allianz is also one of the companies included in the calculations for the Euro Stoxx 50 stock index.
  • From a historical point of view, the stock market charts of the last ten years teach us a lot concerning the fluctuation possibilities of this listing.
  • From 2015 to June 2017, we first observe a rising trend that lifted the rate to a level of €177.57. A bearish correction then caused it to fall towards €46.64 in November 2018.

Our growth outlook for the Allianz share listing on the stock market:

According to data from technical analysis, not only for shares but also forex analysis(learn how to trade Forex now), it appears that the consensus for the coming years is generally optimistic concerning Allianz shares. In fact, the current rising trend, due to the strong volatility and high liquidity of these shares, has every chance of continuing over the medium term. If we expect a bearish correction over the long term this could be followed by a new rise reaching a new historical high point.

On a fundamental basis, nothing seems to contradict this bullish outlook.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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