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TelaModa Brings You, The New Fashionable, Durable and Irresistible Line of Art Inspired Cotton Tote Bags

TelaModa Brings You, The New Fashionable, Durable and Irresistible Line of Art Inspired Cotton Tote Bags

December 28, 2020: TELAMODA, the company that has brought you “one of one“ and exclusive collection of bags created by non-reproducible artwork of TelaModa’s artists, is excited to announce the arrival of their new collection of printed cotton tote bags! The same high quality and fashion forward products that you have come to know and love, with a focus on every day usage, durability and the outstanding design of its artwork.

To avoid being just another Cotton tote bag, their design strategy had to overcome 2 primary objectives; solve the durability problem that exists in the tote bags that can in times carry heavy items such as computers and books, and provide consumers with a unique and fashion forward approach to design, materials and art work.

The bags, which are rightfully claimed to be fashionable, durable and irresistible, are made from high quality 100 % cotton fabric and have long double stitched handles that adds to their functionality and endurance.

The new cotton tote bag collection, is designed to encourage the consumer to personalize their tote bags to their own liking. The concept of using color markers to create something more aligned with the consumer’s self-liked styles is something innovative and very unique. Not only this approach promotes TelaModa artist’s artwork but also it creates a medium for the consumers to express their own unique sense of style and artistic touch.

“We tried to create a cotton tote bag which is as fashionable as it is durable. In designing and making these bags, we tried to create an art piece that stands out as is but also one which can be easily personalized by the consumer“ Says Tarik Mendes, the Founder and creative director of this line.

“Our printed tote bags add a new dimension to our line of products, as we tried to create bags that are more economic without jeopardizing the quality and design that our brand stands for” Says Tarik Mendes, the co-founder of the company. He also points out the versatility of these new tote bags. “These cotton tote bags will keep our customers fashionable while on the move from the gym, to work, to a night out with friends and even when they are on vacation. They are truly versatile in their functionality, yet durable for everyday use.”

TelaModa design and style provides consumers with a superior functioning bag that is highly stylized at the same time.

About TelaModa LLC

TELAMODA was born in 2014 when founder, Tarik Mendes realized how the work of young and talented artists can go unnoticed, despite all their efforts to show case their work in few limited shows or galleries. It was then, that they decided to help artists create one of one wearable arts to further expose their work to public. The founder strongly believe that “ fine art does not belong trapped on a canvas “. Since the launch of the brand in August 2015, the company has come a long way with more than 8 artists creating exclusively wearable art for TelaModa. Amid, their successful launch of the one of one wearable art line which is more exclusive and can be considered collectable items, they recognized the necessity of a more affordable line, printed cotton tote bags, to further expose the art of their participating artists.

TelaModaPrints is a now a artsy stationery sister company to TelaModa LLC.

Both TelaModa and TelaModaPrints sell the 5 design art inspired canvas tote bags.

With TelaModaPrints selling a wider variety of stationery products, such as greeting

Cards, gift tags, place cards, tote bags and many more.

TelaModaPrints can be found in stores, both nationally and internationally.

Popular stores/gift shops such as Museum of Arts and Design, Museum of the City

of New York, The Morgan Library & Museum, IC Store by WantedDesign, Tweak,

Made Art Boutique, Seed People Market, Gum Tree, FIDM Museum Shop, Flyleaf

Books, Gum Tree Boutique, Columbus Metropolitan Library, E.A.T. Gifts, Trove Store,

Love Locked, Lundeen’s, Arts and Letter, Sprove, City Papery, Paper Quirks, Card de

A, Homeport, Davis Squared, Stark Waxing Studio, Colors Gift Shop, Museum of

Nebraska Gift Shop, World Eye Bookshop and many more.

TELAMODA is a new Innovative Affordable Luxury Brand that Combines Fashion and Fine Art Together

Telamoda is one-of -a-kind luxury fashion brand that combines the very best in luxury fashion and the latest trends in fine arts, to create customized wearable art for the customer.

TelaModa, which can be literally translated as “canvas fashion”, aims to bring fine arts and luxury fashion together to create exclusive customized wearables for clients. Prized for our team’s exquisite taste and tremendous passion, we are committed to hiring only the most talented upcoming artists to create luxury wearable art items of clothing.

Motivated by the belief that fine art should not be necessarily limited to museums, art galleries and canvases, and that fashion need not to go for a recycling of itself every few years, We have tried to create something “bold, new, unique and beautiful”. TelaModa not only caters to customers who are tired of brands recreating the same fashion over and over again, and prefer exclusivity, but also to promising young artists, by providing a new platform to showcase their work to thousands of people daily.

Moreover, no two TelaModa pieces are ever alike. A typical example of luxury wearable art, the TelaModa handbag and accessories are thus rendered a unique and timeless investment for oneself. In addition to this, we also create customized wearables based on a client’s specifications and accept private orders. For instance, by focusing on the fine art on luxury fashion items, a jacket sent by a client will be rendered as luxury wearable art for him or her. To avail of this advantage, the client is required to send a special request on the website and choose an artist, while the visual team and the artists.

Given that, like music art also brings peace and mental health to individuals, TelaModa with its penchant for creating fine art on luxury fashion items is another step in promoting a new form of aestheticism in this century.

This project to create fine art on luxury fashion items was conceived based on our mere belief that fine art does not belong trapped on a canvas. To sum up the essence of TelaModa, it is a luxury brand creating a one of a kind wearable art while empowering exceptionally talented young artists.

For more information regarding TelaModa or any of their upcoming products, please feel free to contact


409 W. 52nd

N.Y, NY, 10019


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Notes to editors

For more information please contact:

Tel: 9172421273


Visit the newsroom of: TelaModa


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