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Top five digital marketing trends for 2021

Goodbye to the year 2020! Every business was affected by the pandemic. From a digital marketing point of view, what will the year 2021 come with? 

It seems that every year brings a new collection of digital marketing trends; these “do not miss” opportunities that require attention. In the event that we were to jump into any trend, we would surely be dizzy from exhaustion. In addition, what worked in the year 2020 may not work the same way in the year 2021, and to get the best results for your customers, you need to keep up with these digital marketing trends. As we move into the year 2021 & technology continues to change rapidly, so we are taking this chance to share the top five digital marketing trends that we look forward to in 2021.

Mentioned below are the top five digital marketing trends expected for 2021

Chatbots trend

Human beings are now being replaced with Chatbots with a live chat interface that can easily communicate with customers & users. In the event that you’ve had a food app mishap, you’ve probably dealt with a chatbot.

Over the past couple of years, many business organisations have started using chatbots to personalise the user experience. According to research, the chatbot will significantly increase an industry’s growth and reduce its operations costs. Invest in an instantaneous client support tool that will answer questions. You will also collect data on frequently asked questions and communication patterns.

Note: You may evaluate the cost-effective benefits of chatbots as a marketing tool for the company of yours.

Voice-activated search trend

Over the past couple of years, individuals have been utilising digital voices to help them with almost everything: getting directions, checking the weather, setting alarms & playing music. In addition, voice search is also integrated into many everyday devices of ours such as smartphones, tablets, laptops & more. 

Google, Siri & Alexa continue to grow in fame. 27 per cent of the global online population utilising voice search on mobile. As this trend grows, digital marketers will need to use voice search for their strategies and content creation. Digital marketers cannot afford to ignore voice search if they want to step up their SEO game. According to research, it is stated that 70 per cent of all the searches will be the voice searches by 2021. This indeed has a significant impact on search trends, making it an important place in new digital marketing trends.

Note: Text-based search is going to be a thing of the past soon, so to ensure that your content is visible, make sure you’re optimising your content for voice as well as text searches.

The AR and VR trend

AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) have recently approached the peak of fame and are fast becoming one of the leading marketing tools. From the development of a product to storytelling as well as content creation, augmented reality & virtual reality have become heroes of this global pandemic.

Augmented reality now finds its relevance to well-known businesses such as IKEA (the largest furniture retailer in the world) founded in Sweden. With AR’s help, clients can observe the type of furniture they like before they enter the store.

Note: The utilisation of AR & VR to create 3D environments will have a significant impact in 2021.

Shoppable posts trend

During the Covid-19 pandemic, online shopping has grown significantly & “shoppable posts” become the norm quickly, instead of the exception. As you all know, social media (Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, & Pinterest) is the biggest platform for online marketing. A recent survey shows that over 70% of Instagram users said they find new and latest products on Instagram. More than 4000 Pinterest users stated that Pinterest assists them to find new products. Maximum numbers of individuals use these platforms to shop because they are easy, convenient and hassle-free.

Note: In the event that you are looking forward to maximising your online presence, shoppable posts will get the products of yours in front of potential clients quickly.

Short-form video content trend

In 2021, video content will compete with text-based content and win because it has the power to grab attention. People prefer to watch a short-form video about a product or service, rather than read a boring article. Short-form videos are easy-to-make, easily digestible, memorable & can push engagement. 

When it comes to the digital marketing trend in 2021, short-form video content is the backbone of marketers. Look at the enormous success of TikTok during the global pandemic to see the love of consumers for easy-to-watch video content.

Note: Short-form video content is more efficient because it delivers information speedily. 

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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